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ScrapExpo 2023

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AMCS – the one end-to-end scalable cloud solution built to maximize profitability for scrap metal recyclers and drive innovation in the recycled materials industry.

AMCS offers a portfolio of solutions from an end-to-end platform designed for the scrap metal recycling industry to safety monitoring and compliance software to fixed asset monitoring and maintenance. Combining modern innovative solutions with in-depth knowledge of the resources management and recycling industries across the world, AMCS is excited to partner with you.

Making metals grading simpler and more profitable

Watch our Spotlight video with Mark Valdes Dapena, AMCS Senior Sales Engineer for Recycling, as he talks about how you can make your metals grading process simpler and more powerful for your business with the AMCS Platform.

Enhancing metals inventory for greater profit and efficiency

Watch our Spotlight video with Mark Valdes Dapena, AMCS Senior Sales Engineer for Recycling, as he talks about how you can manage your metals inventory in a simpler and more powerful way for your business with the AMCS Platform.

AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling

The AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling simplifies complex metal recycling processes, with scrap specific solutions for:

Download the AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling brochure below

Metal Recycling Brochure

Learn how AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling will streamline operational processes throughout your company, increasing both efficiency and profit margins.

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Our enterprise-grade SaaS platform enables operators to digitize and automate business processes for improved productivity, providing increased visibility and control over feedstock quality, inventory, costs and margin across your business. With our flexible ERP software, metal recycling operators can:

Using our intelligent cloud-based solutions, metal recyclers are equipped to face the challenging commodities market.

Metal Recycling Resources:


Mark Valdes-Dapena on the ISRI Launch of AMCS Platform for Metal


10 reasons why scrap metal recyclers are choosing the AMCS Platform to take their businesses to the next level


Metal Recycling: Will digitalization solve key industry challenges?

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Webinar on Demand: Global Recycling Trends - Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The global recycling industry is facing a rapidly changing world shaped by larger mega trends including climate change, the move to decarbonization, critical raw material shortages, technology disruptions and shifting trade regulations. What does this mean for the future of the recycled materials industry?

This Webinar will present and discuss:

  • What are the trends shaping the global recycling industry?
  • How might these trends impact the business of global recyclers in terms of disruption and opportunities?
    What are the range of possible implications for this change and how can recyclers navigate these future risks and opportunities?
global recycling trends

AMCS EHSQ & ESG Solution

AMCS has expanded its safety and sustainability offering through the acquisition of Quentic, a leading provider of EHSQ and EHS software supporting occupational safety, environmental management, sustainability and quality management.

Quentic (powered by AMCS) is a modular, cloud-based software that helps you increase your company's compliance, safety, and sustainability while providing more data quality and efficiency. The solution supports you competently in all tasks in the areas of occupational safety, environmental and quality management, and sustainability.

Visit Quentic Website

AMCS Field Services

AMCS Field Services provides a simple, mobile friendly solution for managing fixed asset infrastructure. This data-driven solution enables customers to efficiently manage their assets, increase visibility into their operations, and improve decision-making and reporting. The product offers a comprehensive range of features facilitating field work, inspections, scheduling, reporting, and more.

With AMCS Field Services you can:

  • Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance
  • Streamline data collection
  • Simplify Reporting

Learn more about AMCS Field Services here.


Integrated Payments solutions to improve margins – and beat your competition.

Enable your customers to pay for services quickly, 24/7, how they want to pay. AMCS Pay is an ideal part of your digital transformation to create business value – from customer self-service to accounts payables and receivables. With access to the latest payment technologies, AMCS Pay delivers:

Swift customer payments and seamless processing help your business run smoothly and profitably. Payment technology is an ideal starting point in your digital transformation process; one where innovation can create value in diverse areas, from customer self-service to accounts receivables.

Download E-Book and AMCS Issuing Brochure below to learn more.

eBook: 8 ways Integrated Digital Payments can Transform your Business, Today

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AMCS Pay Issuing brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about AMCS Branded Corporate and Virtual Cards

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