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Why it is important for the waste and recycling industry to become more agile

AMCS Platform solutions support quick response to fast-changing situations such as Covid-19. In a rapidly changing world, for the waste and recycling industry, agility is vital to thrive in times of great complexity and uncertainty.


How to improve route safety and decrease driver churn

AMCS Guided Navigation contributes to efficient waste collection routes and cost reduction. How do you reduce driver churn? This is a question faced by so many waste collection businesses, often affecting up to 15 or 20% of the driver workforce


How metal recyclers can proactively respond to changing markets

AMCS Recycling Software increases margins and reduces operational risks


Sharing knowledge about innovative smart city concepts important

Report ‘Smart cities in the G40’ shows 400 examples of projects in The Netherlands Sharing knowledge about new technologies with Dutch municipal administrators responsible for waste collection in The Netherlands. According to Alderman Wim Willems of the City of Apeldoorn, this is the key value of the 'Smart cities in the G40' report in which he participated as co-chair of the Dutch G40 Smart Cities group.


How to increase margins to strengthen the competitive edge for metal recyclers

Nowadays, more than ever, metal recyclers are faced with a series of challenges. The front runners in the metal recycling industry are more resistant to these unpredictable circumstances.


Release 8.4; If you've got BIG goals, we've got BIG updates!

New solutions, app updates, user experience improvements, in-app digital training and the Salesforce Connector are here! Take advantage of new pricing capabilities to protect your margins, leverage the expansion of the AMCS Platform APIs, easily customize standard tickets and financial documents and much more.


How multi-level price management provides flexibility for metal recyclers

AMCS Recycling Software end-to-end solution to automate metal recyclers operations Flexibility is key. This becomes clear from the webinar on multi-level price management for metal recycling companies, in which Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services at AMCS in Germany, explains the endless possibilities of the AMCS Recycling Software and also shows how easy it is to work with.


Dynamic Asset Tracking: Cache Me a Few Cans

Streamlining Waste & Recycling Collections with Dynamic Asset Tracking. Waste and recycling containers are a lot like socks: they tend to meander and mismatch.


5 Keys to Commercial Route Optimization

Investing in a route optimization platform can help your business make the most of valuable time and assets by ensuring drivers have efficient routes and collections are on time. Making the move from manual routing and dispatch to automatic route optimization can help your business improve asset utilization, enhance customer service, reduce mileage and driving time, and lower your overall carbon footprint.

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