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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.

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Webinar on demand: Timely Topics Webinar Series: Digitizing Your Inbound Quality Evaluation Process

During this webinar, we will be focusing on driving efficiencies in your inbound quality evaluation process and reducing the risk of contaminated or rejected loads.


The AMCS Platform Advantages

How can technology help your business workflow and bottom line while at the same time giving you peace of mind? Follow Evan Schwartz, Chief Enterprise Architect, as he explores common barriers to business success, like dependency on paper, siloed departments, security threats, and inefficient collections.


AMCS Telematics

AMCS Telematics is designed to capture rich tracking and telematics data, such as driver behavior, engine performance, and fuel consumption from all your vehicles. Combined with route data, this gives planners complete control and visibility of transport activities.


AMCS Webinar: Digital Technology is Transforming the Customer Experience

Hosted by Waste360


Webinar On Demand: Timely Topics: Optimizing Business for a Successful New Year


Any Route, Any Driver; AMCS Guided Navigation

AMCS Guided Navigation is a state-of-the-art navigation system, specifically developed for waste collection and street cleaning. The solution combines the knowledge of experienced drivers with the latest technologies. AMCS Guided Navigation offers “turn-by-turn” navigation during the collection route, ensuring drivers that they will not miss any stops on their route significantly improving the operational efficiency of waste collection.


The AMCS Platform in Practice

Let Amanda Chivil show you how the Platform interface, its Customer Portal, and its reporting capabilities work in practice. The clean, advanced interface makes all the difference, to employees and to your customers. Take customer profiles, for example. Amanda demonstrates how easy it is to create a new profile and access all data using one screen.


The AMCS Transport Management System in action

Meet the new AMCS Transport Management System (TMS), the Smart Transport Solution designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry. TMS digitizes and automates all aspects of transport management - from planning, scheduling, and dispatching to monitoring execution - with real-time insight into daily progress and productivity. The Smart Transport Solution empowers users to deliver newly-enhanced productivity with superior resource optimization, advanced operational visibility, and value-added customer service.


Learn more about the new AMCS Platform Winter 21 Release

With this release, we are introducing a range of advanced recycling features including new processes, workflows, and functionality to manage end-to-end service operations for scrap metal recycling companies. Importantly, these new features will benefit all commodity recyclers across scrap metal, fiber, plastics, and organics. 

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