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Van Hamburg Cleaning and Zeeland Maritime Cleaning opt for digitization with AMCS

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Spijkenisse/Vlissingen - Thanks to their joint expertise, experience, and resources, Van Hamburg Cleaning in Spijkenisse and Zeeland Maritime Cleaning in Vlissingen offer complete solutions for many different industries. To digitize their internal processes and increase efficiency, Van Hamburg Cleaning and Zeeland Maritime Cleaning will deploy the AMCS Platform, including fully integrated weighbridge functionality, having put pen to paper on the contract in March 2021.

Van Hamburg Cleaning in Spijkenisse has been offering a total solution in industrial cleaning, waste management, transport, storage, hazardous waste processing, and crisis management since 1932. Van Hamburg is active within a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, tank storage, vegetable oils and fats, and industrial water treatment.

Since 2019, Van Hamburg Cleaning (VHC) and Zeeland Maritime Cleaning in Vlissingen have been sister companies. As the name implies, Zeeland Maritime Cleaning (ZMC) has its origins in maritime cleaning. Seagoing vessels and inland tankers are cleaned at repair yards and in various Dutch ports using vacuum trucks and high-pressure units. The companies are also active in the petrochemical industry and tank storage.

Automating the Paper Tiger

Waste registration is becoming increasingly important within the industry. Until now, VHC and ZMC each used their own outdated system. With the growth of both companies, the need to incorporate the entire waste registration in one package increased. Because AMCS is specialized in our sector, this was a logical choice for us', says Sjoerd Goeree, project leader for the implementation of the AMCS Platform within VHC and ZMC.

With the AMCS Platform, VHC and ZMC are going for a 'comprehensive automation of a paper tiger', as director Remco Vercouteren puts it. It is a shortening of the whole order-to-cash process', says Sjoerd Goeree. Moreover, within the AMCS Platform, everything is stored in one central place, accessible to everyone. This allows us to exchange information much faster.

Transport notes, timesheets, and invoices, which currently take up a lot of time, will soon be a thing of the past at VHC and ZMC. AMCS is fully geared up for the accompanying documents and codes which are mandatory in the Netherlands', says Sjoerd. There are good controls in the system. They ensure that we can't just print a receipt without filling in the legally required details.

To operate the weighbridges at the depot in Spijkenisse, VHC will work with the latest AMCS weighbridge functionality. This depot handles mainly packaging waste and the weighbridge can weigh trucks up to 60,000 kilograms. The digitalization and automated processing of weighing data will make the vast majority of manual processes redundant. As soon as it is weighed, everything is registered'.

Director Remco Vercouteren expects that the cooperation with AMCS will be expanded in the future. We also want to digitize the timesheets and guidance documents which are now physically filled in at the customer. This makes it much easier to get the client’s digital sign-off, automatically processing the timesheets in your payroll and in your invoices.

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