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Rotterdam opts for IT platform from AMCS

“Waste collection ready for the future.”

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Rotterdam, 24 October.

Last week, at the offices of the Rotterdam Municipality at Kleinpolderplein, the contract between the Rotterdam Municipality and the AMCS Group was signed. The European-wide tender for the implementation of a new Waste Management System for Rotterdam’s City Management Department was recently granted to AMCS, the market leader in the field of software for the waste and recycling industry. It was therefore time for the contract, which has a duration of five years, to be signed amid festivities. At the Rotterdam City Management Department, Director David Berg responds enthusiastically: “With features such as intelligent route optimization and planning, we very clearly choose for a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions.” Mark Abbas of AMCS also knows the significance of the implementation: “With our solutions, we are going to organize waste collection more efficiently, thereby making Rotterdam a lot cleaner and more eco-friendly.”

Full support

The Rotterdam Municipality’s European-wide tender relates to the implementation of a complete Waste Management System. This system incorporates an integrated IT system for the internal administration, route planning, and the automation of a number of Rotterdam’s vehicles. The total solution serves to assist the operational processes of the Collection and Recycling Department of City Management. It involves the collection and processing of domestic waste from about 320,000 households and companies, together with pest control, education on waste prevention, recycling, and the processing of separated domestic waste.

En route to the circular city

The partnership between Rotterdam and AMCS is universally regarded as a major step forward en route towards the circular city. Enhanced digitization of waste collection in Rotterdam will now raise the city to a higher digital level. And that is good news for everyone who works and lives in Rotterdam, and for visitors to the city. Especially bearing in mind the ISWA World Congress, which will be in Rotterdam in 2020. After all, this International Solid Waste Association plays a crucial role on the world stage when it comes to recycling and waste management. In addition, the Rotterdam Municipality wants a circular economy to be the standard by 2030; its ambition is to become a fully circular city by 2050. It is a challenge for which AMCS, with its digital solutions, is going to make a major contribution. After all, helping organizations in transforming towards the digital world and the circular economy is expressed in its international tagline: “Digital ways to a cleaner world.”

Optimization of processes

Increased efficiency is one of the main objectives of this project. This means the optimization of all kinds of operational processes, such as collecting and processing domestic waste and commodities, pest control, events, and the associated matters such as administration and registration. It is essential that all the employees, numbering about 300, are familiarised with the new system. Rotterdam was expressly looking for existing software that had already proven itself in the market. It was also looking for a long-term supplier who could also give advice in the future to get the best return.

Good match

Due to the broad scope of the request, it appeared that Rotterdam would find a good match in AMCS. This was because the extensive product portfolio of AMCS offers solutions for all the desired elements of the proposed Waste Management System. With this, it immediately meets the requirement for existing, proven solutions, such as a Backoffice System, Mobile Order Management, AMCS Route Planner, and AMCS Routing Services. For Rotterdam, it is clear that AMCS, as a supplier of branch-specific software, has all the necessary expertise for the total implementation and long-term consultancy. It is then, especially, that AMCS’s innovation and knowledge of market developments will play a decisive role.

David Berg, Director of Rotterdam City Management:

“The municipality’s ultimate goal is to have an attractive Rotterdam. Everything we do is to that end. The system of AMCS makes it possible for us to work in a more information-guided way. This fits in well with Rotterdam City Management’s vision of making the city ever smarter, cleaner and more sustainable. For example, it provides for a smart way of planning and driving routes, and that means fewer transport movements and hence a reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Mark Abbas, CMO & Director of Business Development at AMCS Group:

“With this tender, the desired improvement in processes and the number of solutions to be linked formed a particularly complex factor in the proposal request. Our challenge in this project is to simplify this complexity as much as possible for the end-users of the system by integrating a variety of sub-solutions and, where possible, by automating the over-arching processes. In addition, Rotterdam will use the latest innovations and a large proportion of our standard solutions. We are looking forward to a great partnership with Rotterdam!”

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