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Press release April 2018 Updated May 2021

RenoNorden optimizes its waste collection with AMCS implementation

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AMCS, the world’s leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste and recycling sector, has further expanded its Nordics business by implementing its advanced route optimization solution at RenoNorden

16th April 2018: Nordic waste collection giant RenoNorden has completed the implementation of AMCS’ market-leading route optimization system designed to drive further efficiencies across its municipal waste collection business in Sweden. The announcement follows the implementation of the solution.

RenoNorden AB uses the AMCS solution to optimize its waste collection routes and for assisting in calculating accurate and competitive pricing when bidding for new contracts. The system has already had a positive impact, supporting RenoNorden in their recent rollout of Stockholm’s waste collection contract thereby enabling fast and efficient optimization of master routes which includes 50 collection vehicles. By doing so, RenoNorden realized commercial and environmental benefits in an area with over 25,000 bin lifts per day.

Commenting on the decision to implement the AMCS solution, RenoNorden’s Logistics Manager, Fredrik Karlberg, says:

“Having reviewed a number of systems, it became clear that the flexibility and ease of use provided by the ’AMCS' route optimization system meant it would be the solution best suited to our business. The system enables us to include and adjust parameters in order to make scenarios as realistic and accurate as possible. For example, we are able to increase drive times by a certain percentage, to take account of bad terrain, road conditions or other factors.”

RenoNorden is the market-leading municipal waste collection company across Sweden, Denmark, and Finland where it provides an efficient, reliable, and professional service to more than 230 municipalities.

AMCS’ Nordic Head of Waste & Recycling Sales - David Griffin says:

“We are proud to be working together with RenoNorden, one of the leading waste management companies in Scandinavia. We are happy that RenoNorden has seen instant benefits after starting to use the software.

We experience a rapidly growing demand from the waste industry for advanced route optimization solutions. This is driven by the market's request for reduced prices, reliable service degrees, and reduced C02 emission from the collection service.

Typically, our customers experience between 5 and 15% reduction in mileage and sometimes up to 10% reduction in the number of trucks needed. In turn, all this has a significant positive impact on the environment and the profitability of our customers.

We look very much forward to a long-lasting relationship with RenoNorden and to work together with RenoNorden to get the most positive output of their new route optimization solution.

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