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Press release: Van Happen Containers optimizes collection routes with smart AMCS software

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Collect waste more efficiently and serve more customers with the same vehicles

Amsterdam, May 2020 – Van Happen Containers will optimize and digitize all its waste collection activities with Route Planner and Fleet Planner, the AMCS Group’s intelligent optimization software. Van Happen Containers specializes in the collection and processing of corporate waste and construction and demolition waste and transports waste and raw materials nationwide for large clients.

With AMCS’ smart software, the company can collect waste more efficiently and therefore serve more customers with the same vehicles. By fully integrating order acceptance, planning, and execution, Van Happen is able to respond much faster to customer queries and improve its service even more. The number of kilometers driven per customer is also decreasing, which means that route optimization simultaneously contributes to Van Happen’s sustainable goals.

Real-time planning and timely adjustments

Van Happen Containers is a sustainable company that is transforming from a waste collector to a circular supplier of raw materials. Excelling in the management of waste flows and collection resources is essential for this. The company will, therefore, start using Route Planner to optimize the fixed routes for collecting wheelie bins. With Fleet Planner, orders for skips are planned and optimized in real-time.

As a result, the planning department has continuous insight into the status of orders, can make timely adjustments, and can proactively inform customers if anything changes. Real-time planning allows Van Happen to plan rush orders flexibly and assign them directly to the right vehicle, even on the day of execution if they have already been added to the optimized routes. This increases service reliability and improves customer service.

Cost savings of up to hundreds of thousands of euros

With Route Planner and Fleet Planner, Van Happen has a complete integrated solution that supports all business activities and solves all planning challenges. AMCS can combine fixed routes for the collection of wheelie bins with flexible routes. The AMCS software also offers Van Happen support in optimizing operational waste logistics by, among other things, smartly dealing with the available trucks and by optimized stacking of skips on vehicles and trailers.

Sjef van Eck, CFO Van Happen Containers; ‘AMCS’ smart optimization software contributes to the efficient processing of the ever-larger order portfolio. It gives us the opportunity to respond better to the customer’s wishes and thus achieve further growth, without a proportional growth in our CO2 footprint.’

‘We are delighted with Van Happen Containers’ choice of AMCS’s optimization software. With this choice, Van Happen joins the large group of customers who have previously opted for AMCS’ waste-specific planning and optimization software. We thank Van Happen for the trust they put in us and are sure that this will become a long-term and successful collaboration.’ Rogier de Klein, AMCS Sales Manager.

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