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COVID-19 advice for Customers

COVID-19 - AMCS Business Continuity Update March 12th 2020

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During these unprecedented times, our thoughts are with you, your families, and your entire business and we truly understand the major impact that COVID-19 might be having on you directly or indirectly. We want to assure you, that we remain fully committed to supporting you right through this crisis and have the capability to deliver critical services to you, albeit the method of delivering these services may have changed due to travel restrictions and social distancing requirements. We are constantly monitoring the WHO and local authority guidelines to ensure that the measures we have in place remain valid and safe for our teams in supporting you as follows:

1) Crisis Management Team: 
The COVID-19 pandemic is being monitored and managed by the AMCS Crisis Management team, who are managing communications internally and externally, assessing potential risks, and putting in place measures to mitigate and address these risks. This team reports directly to the AMCS Senior Leadership Team, who have full visibility and accountability for measures being taken to ensure the wellbeing of the AMCS employee base and the continuity of business operations. 

2) Remote Working:
AMCS is very familiar with remote working with a large proportion of our employees working remotely on a regular basis. We have moved to a position where all offices in all regions now have secure remote working in place, to ensure business continuity. This means that we will be able to maintain full business continuity for all critical functions including:

3) Global Structures:
AMCS operates under global structures with Global Support, Professional Services, and Development teams operating from multiple locations worldwide. As a result of this, coupled with remote working capability, there is inbuilt redundancy and resilience that will allow AMCS to maintain services. 

4) Travel: 
We have assessed business travel risk, both from an infection exposure perspective and business continuity perspective. As a result, we are adhering to WHO and local authority guidelines regionally with regard to travel advice. In this regard, we would ask for our customer's support in facilitating video conferencing / virtual meetings where possible. 

5) Critical IT Service Providers: 
AMCS have confirmed that our critical IT service providers have adequate business continuity plans in place to ensure that continuity of service to AMCS is maintained during the COVID-19 pandemic

6) Vehicle Technology, Hardware, and Supply Chain: 
Delivering Hardware Services often requires AMCS personnel to physically attend customer sites to fix issues and install kits. We want to reassure you that we are committed to keeping our customer's fleet operational and will continue to support their business in these efforts. However, in the interest of the health & safety of AMCS employees and to reduce the risk of contact, we will be prioritizing service to “Hard System down” situations and will assess non-essential situations on a case by case basis, before committing to resolving immediately, or deferring until the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. 
Regarding the hardware supply chain, there have been no breaks in the AMCS supply chain, due to staged buffer stocks. AMCS is working closely with our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply and see no risk in the supply of materials in the short term. 

7) Best Practice Prevention measures:
AMCS has implemented best-practice prevention measures as outlined by WHO and local health authorities. In implementing and following these guidelines it is hoped that the risk of spread of infection will be greatly reduced. 

If you have any queries, please contact AMCS Customer Support at [email protected]

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