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Press release September 2016 Updated May 2021

CNC opts for AMCS Fleet Planner

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As an internationally operating group of companies, the CNC group is active in the production and transportation of high-quality and sustainable substrates for the cultivation of mushrooms. In order to optimize its supply chain and further improve its Customer Service provision, the CNC group has chosen to implement a set of products from AMCS including AMCS Fleet Planner, AMCS Web Portal, and AMCS Mobile Web. CNC group felt that the AMCS solution was best placed to enable it to optimize the transportation flows and further improve its Customer Service. Twan Stevens, project leader with the CNC group said: “The functionalities of Fleet Planner fit in well with our processes.”

The CNC group is continually working to develop its IT systems and ensure it is benefiting from the latest technology. This means rolling out various IT projects. Following an extensive selection process, the company has chosen AMCS for the optimization of its transportation-related activities. Stevens went on to say: “The choice was based on the functionalities of Fleet Planner and on the software’s value for money. Another factor which played a role in the choice was that AMCS has experience with the implementation of Fleet Planner in other companies that work with waste flows.”

One of the goals which the enterprise is striving towards is the improvement of its Customer Service provision. The organization sees a better and more reliable scheduling of all transportation movements between the Group’s companies as an important resource in the attainment of that goal. These movements include the collection of horse manure, its transportation between the various storage and production locations, and the deliveries to customers. On top of the improvement in customer service, the CNC group is also aiming to use the AMCS software to increase operational efficiency, increase the capacity utilization of critical resources, and control costs on the basis of ‘flexible if necessary, efficient if possible. “We expect to be able to obtain more stability and a better overview with Fleet Planner and, as a result, to be able to improve the quality of our planning in the future,” says Stevens.

Phased implementation 

Following the selection process, a pilot study and a proof of concept (POC) have been carried out. The CNC group is now ready to implement the AMCS solution. This has been divided into various phases. Phase one will be the implementation of the complete solution for the collection of the horse manure (AMCO BV) – this refers to the collection of manure from stables and its transportation to the production locations. This part of the roll-out also comprises the transportation of semi-finished goods from the production location in Moerdijk to the production location in Milsbeek.

For communication with the various stakeholders, the CNC group will also deploy the AMCS Web Portal. This will provide the opportunity for the Group’s drivers to evaluate and adjust routes. Subsequently – if necessary – extra vehicles can be called in at certain stops. Production managers obtain insight into the planned loads per production location. This schedule, furthermore, is updated during its execution, on the basis of real-time data. With the aid of the self-billing portal, the financial and administrative details regarding completed jobs can be settled. And with the AMCS tools, it is also possible to manage the tariffs and price calculations of external haulers.

Planned routes can be communicated directly to the drivers from AMCS Fleet Planner, with the aid of AMCS Mobile Web. This application supports the driver in dealing with the order flow. Included in this are matters such as proof of collection/delivery, processing, signatures, documents, etc. The application subsequently sends the real-time data back to the planning. And thereby, the transportation schedule can be optimized based on the most recent operational data. Also, all data that is required for following up on invoicing to external haulers is collected.

Digitalization leads to better control and higher customer satisfaction The AMCS software will thus play an important role in the digitalization of transactions and data which CNC currently deals with on a semi-manual basis. The collected data, moreover, will be easier and quicker to share with internal and external customers and other interested parties. Rogier de Klein, Sales Manager at AMCS: “An optimized schedule is a good basis upon which to build further. A company that has a better grip on its own transportation is also steering towards improving customer satisfaction, increasing the capacity utilization of the resources, and monitoring the progress of the transportation at any desired moment. And with that, there also arises the possibility of delivering a more proactive customer experience.”


About AMCS AMCS is a leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology. We help over 1000 customers to reduce their operating costs, increase asset utilization, optimize margins and improve customer service.

For more information, please contact: AMCS Group Contact: Rogier de Klein Email: rogier.deklein@amcsgroup.com 
Website: www.amcsgroup.com and www.amcsrouting.com

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