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28 Aug 2020

The AMCS Platform experience: see it for yourself now

Digital transformation integrates digital technologies, creating a new eco-system where your processes work together to create real value. This isn’t simply about technology, however. It’s a cultural change too. It’s embracing empowerment through digitalisation.

Old habits die hard. Upheavals are the new normal, and you need the ability to react to any given situation, especially in the Commercial & Industrial waste management industry. That can only come from digitalisation.

Let go of manual processes that slow your company down.

AMCS Platform makes it easy to experience digital transformation. Designed for a friendly user experience, it’s designed to give you a best-practice, end-to-end solution on the cloud. It integrates with process-driven modules to make your company agile and efficient. It gives you a 360˚ angle into your operations, so that you can make informed decisions, while gaining significant efficiencies.

To see you what we’re talking about, view demonstrations now.

Demo 1:  Customer Management

A look at how easy it is to manage your customer activity. Configure the dashboard the way you want it, see job tickets assigned and completed, access customer emails, action a new job and more.

Demo 2: Calendar View

Find out which containers are planned on which date, the waste type, and view activity on any given account, including invoices, summary, lift events and route assignments.

Demo 3: Omni Search

Access the information you’re looking for, right away. You can search by different entities, such as containers.

Demo 4: Mobile Grading App

Select a ticket and split it by materials, including contaminants, which you can charge for. Report non-conformance in materials and include photos as evidence of the examination that took place. These are just a few examples of what you can do with the Mobile Grading App.

Demo 5: Dispatch & Map Visualisation

Experience the features that relate to transport planning and mapping. Templates define the main details of the route, so you know what’s going on and what to expect. Link to Route Optimisation, part of AMCS’s suite of solutions, and you can automate the allocation sequencing. You can view the containers and track vehicle positions in real time.