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Modern, forward-edge technology

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Ongoing investments help ensure the success of AMCS customers.


AMCS’ global headquarters in Limerick, Ireland

AMCS, headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, is a software and technology firm servicing operators in the waste, recycling, and scrap industries. Our global presence and wide range of process automation solutions uniquely position us.

Our software platform has evolved through a combination of organic development and strategic acquisitions. This has allowed us to build both the intellectual property (IP) needed to service our customers and the team of people necessary to understand each industry segment and its unique business processes.

Management of Business Operations

Delivering success for our customers requires software solutions that enhance their daily business operations. It’s truly about delivering a more discreet level of clarity to all levels of operations: pricing and contracting, collection, processing, inventory, and billing.

When companies have this transparency across their businesses, it better positions them to understand and enrich relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, and vendors. By doing that, they are better positioned to enhance profitability and long-term value.

At its core, AMCS is a business process company. We understand customers’ business processes, and our solutions serve to enhance and automate them through technology.

We are a software company, so we have technologists, programmers, and data analysts, but our core is made up of team members who understand the industry and can translate that into practical technology.

As we automate a customer’s business processes, we layer in innovative, modern, and forward-edge technology to ensure fast, accurate functionality day in and day out.

We then focus on building out a modern, more cutting-edge user experience. From daily and hourly tasks, like scale operations, to the most sophisticated and intricate reporting, we work to ensure the user experience is seamless.

A Global Presence Matters

AMCS operates in 23 countries and serves a customer base in excess of 1,800 companies. Our global presence means we not only have a very large customer base but also a large base of potential customers. This wider market opportunity allows us to invest significantly to ensure superior long-term performance and continuous innovation for our customers.

As a software company, we are compelled to continuously invest in the ongoing evolution of our products. It enables us to be a long-term value-adding partner to our customers.

A key benefit of our global presence and scale is that we engage the largest full-time product management and development team in the industry. We deploy the most significant industry-focused product development and innovation investment in the world. It gives us a unique ability to keep up with technological development and the evolution of business processes.

Our global footprint provides visibility and access to a diverse set of business practices and top trends.

Our ongoing investment means that our customers enjoy the enhanced security that comes from business software that’s best equipped to meet their evolving demands and requirements. Maintaining a modern, cutting-edge user interface also assists in user adoption and training. This helps our customers more rapidly and effectively leverage the power of the underlying technology.

Acquisitions Matter

AMCS has made a number of acquisitions, and those have had a great additive impact on AMCS and our customers. Firms like DesertMicro and Brady (SAI) have been absorbed into AMCS. The underlying platforms have added to the business processes solutions we offer.

Each of these acquisitions has brought something different to AMCS. However, a critical thread in all cases is that smart people who understand their customer's business processes and the technology solution have joined the AMCS team.

The people are instrumental, we have 450 team members worldwide and 110 in North America. The entire team is committed to not only understanding and supporting our existing customers but also being there to provide value for new customers that we are onboarding.

Success, Measured by the Customer

AMCS is in the software business. We understand and respect that our customers are not. We absolutely see our role as assisting our customers in applying all the technology that we offer and leveraging it for their business success.

Earlier, I spoke of our commitment to deliver cutting-edge user interfaces. That’s essential; the human interface with the technology must be inviting and positive so users embrace its usage in daily operations.

I also spoke to the importance of understanding our customers’ business processes. We have a team of professionals absolutely dedicated to assisting our customers in leveraging the automation of those processes. Leveraging that automation is critical to increasing productivity and gaining a clearer, more discrete view of their businesses.

The customer success team at AMCS is committed to these two areas and works each day to ensure our customers receive the maximum return-on-investment (ROI) for every dollar they invest in the software solutions we deliver.

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