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Fully automated waste collection in the Caribbean

Selikor, moving ahead with the all-in-one Enterprise Management solution

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Selikor serves commercial clients, as well as all private households, and is the most prominent waste collection company on the Caribbean island of Curacao. The company has been working with the AMCS Enterprise Management software for more than 20 years. To take advantage of its latest functionalities, Selikor recently upgraded to the newest version of the software.

Jochem Kerver is a Client Partner at AMCS in the Customer Success Programme. He returned recently from Curacao where he administered two projects. The first project uses the AMCS Enterprise Management software for the central registration of all notifications and incoming orders. Removing the need to use a multitude of excel sheets and separate tools.  The second project is Direct Billing, which benefits clients at landfill sites by dealing directly with invoices.

Moving ahead

The expansion of the software services helps Selikor step forward in the automation of its operations. The strength for Selikor lies in its central registration, which uses one system for all data for commercial clients and private households. Using an all-in-one system provides significant benefits for everything from the routes taken by vehicles, to registering clients, to operations and billing. The added value for Selikor with Enterprise Management is obvious. “It’s the all-in-one solution,” said Kerver. “It guarantees significant extra value. Including waste collection and the management of sewer blockages. A multitude of services is recorded in the back office software. And direct billing enables our customers to settle invoices immediately when on location—like a weighbridge, for example. The invoice can be provided at the same time as the goods are being weighed. We see better-managed cash-flows, with invoices being fulfilled on the premises. Sending an invoice is no longer necessary.”

Optimal use

Looking at the optimization of the paper trail, we see Selikor taking a huge step forward. Especially with the central registration of households. This equivocal registration avoids the risk of mistakes. “Subsequently we will continue making optimal use of the websites,” said Kerver. “For instance, by using an app in the Enterprise Management software we will start collecting bulky waste. We are still in the start-up phase, but we are looking forward to unlocking many things online. We also make sure that we thoroughly understand local issues. Using our European perspective and knowledge of specific customer issues we have generated a lot of ideas here at Curacao. Consequently, we can optimize many more processes.”

Standing ovation

AMCS brings in a wide range of skills and practical knowledge from its consultancy. Which creates many possibilities for optimizing internal processes.  As a result, Selikor can take full advantage of all the features that the software offers. This advantage was brought into focus during the direct billing stage at the close of the project. Mrs. Angelique Fredema- Wallé, financial manager at Selikor, expressed her gratitude for the fast service delivered by AMCS, followed by a standing ovation. Happy customers are always a pleasure. Not in the least for Jochem Kerver: “I am always very keen to advise our customers to help maximize the advantage of using our products. Hence, I am very pleased to be present on the island of Curacao a couple of times every year to assist Selikor in applying the new systems.”

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