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Transport Management System (TMS) Brochure

Designed to fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of your transport operations

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AMCS Transport Management System for the Waste and Recycling Industry

Our Transport Management System was designed for the specific challenges and requirements of the waste and recycling industry.

It offers highly automated and integrated functionality to manage every aspect of transport including planning, rostering, dispatch, live tracking, route optimization and driver mobile application.

It includes an intuitive and modern user interface to facilitate ease and speed of planning. It exploits best-in-class technology such as embedded maps as well as a distance calculation component to arrive at feasible routes and accurate service times for each stop.

It delivers enhanced productivity through increased automated planning, the optimization of the use of assets (vehicles, containers, etc.) and resources, improved operational control and visibility for both planning and during service execution, improved driver safety as well as delivering superior customer service.

AMCS Transport Management System Brochure

Learn how AMCS Transport Management helps you optimize the planning and execution of your transport operations.

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