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Vehicle Technology Brochure

Intelligent vehicle technologies designed to cut costs and improve collection efficiency.

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On-board weighing, bin identification and waste collection has never been easier.

Best in class vehicle technology improves bin and container management. Real-time route and bin data and mobile devices dramatically simplify tracking trucks, identifying collections and monitoring collection progress.

You can profit from this smart, end-to-end solution. Even if you obtain our hardware without the use of our software. However, with our mobile workforce solution and on-board device you will gain more profit. In short, integrating our systems will result in a significant optimization of revenues.

Innovative mobile workforce and vehicle technology

Empower your team with innovative technology, purpose-built to boost productivity for drivers, planners and operational managers.

Combining RFID, GPS, weighing, and in-cab mobile solutions, AMCS provides an end-to-end solution optimized to improve accuracy, enhance efficiency and drive profitability.

Delivering effective insight into your daily operations through real-time tracking, monitoring, and bin management.

Rely on real-time visibility

Improve driver management and increase collections accuracy with real-time transparency. Utilizing advanced technology to access real-time updates on vehicles, routes, and collection progress.

Our user-friendly solution uses GPS to track vehicles precisely, providing a graphical representation of actual versus scheduled routes. RFID technology adds to the picture, enabling you to validate, monitor and optimize collections.

With AMCS vehicle technology on board, waste operators can:

  • Minimize handling time with real-time access to vehicle and service data
  • Simplify monitoring with graphical route data for all vehicles in the field
  • Identify and reduce missed pick-ups and driver recalls with real-time service verification
  • Improve driver management and minimize system interaction with RFID matching
  • Streamline communication with real-time updates between back-office, driver, and vehicle
  • Provide total proof-of-service with a one to one relationship between RFID tag and customer container

Download the brochure below to learn more about our Vehicle Technology solution.


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