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AMCS - Waste Planner Lite Smart Cities

The smart solution for smart cities

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Optimizing the waste collection process for efficiency and sustainability: this lightweight version of the AMCS Waste Planner brings smarter planning solutions within reach for small and mid-sized fleets!

The AMCS Waste Planner is a highly sophisticated software solution that helps waste management companies optimize when and how they collect and transport waste. Waste planner Lite is our highly innovative and very user-friendly version of that solution, which has been intuitively pre-configured for a superfast implementation. Based on our years of experience in optimizing software for some of the most complex waste collection operations in the world, waste planner Lite has all the fleet planning functionality of our customizable waste industry software condensed into an easy-to-use solution that is perfect for smaller fleet sizes and smart city waste collection operations.

Waste Planner Lite; the smart solution for smart cities

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Contact AMCS to hear about our leading solution and how this can help your business thrive.

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