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AMCS Utility Billing - Innovations of 2023

In 2023, AMCS Utility Billing introduced game-changing features to provide an edge for energy retailers in ANZ.

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Innovations of 2023

This past year, AMCS Utility Billing expanded its suite with notable features:

Unified Billing with Gas Integration: Our billing capabilities now include gas, along with electricity and water. This centralized solution simplifies billing processes, improves customer satisfaction, and elevates operational efficiency.

Online Sales Module (OSM): The sign-up process has never been easier with our OSM. It engages potential customers, swiftly converts leads, and provides attractive savings and rewards.

PPA Billing and Contract Management: Our new module simplifies billing and contract management for complex Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Full Automation of Billing: Our latest automation feature minimizes manual intervention, setting enhanced standards of efficiency.

AMCS's continuous innovation has made them an invaluable partner in our growth journey.

Christophe Bechia, Zen Energy's Head of Retail Billing & Operations