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Zero Emissions Day and How AMCS is Striving for a Sustainable Future

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Tyler Schmidt Demand Generation Specialist

Zero Emissions Day

If you hadn’t heard, September 21st was Zero Emissions Day. Formally introduced in 2008 by Ken Wallace, Zero Emissions Day is a day to refrain from using fossil fuels to help create a cleaner, greener world. Now adopted globally, Zero Emissions Day has become an important sustainable initiative in an increasingly more climate affected world.

As of 2021, the earth is warming at an alarming rate due to the human-caused rise in CO2 levels. Since 2011, CO2 levels have been rapidly rising at a rate of roughly 56% per year, according to the IPCC (1). This number is catastrophic and is detrimentally contributing to the decades long global temperature increase.

This urgency has prompted global leaders to prioritize Zero Emissions Day as an important day for the world to take a step back, reduce emissions and educate each other on the importance of a net zero future.

At your organization, you can take part in Zero Emissions Day (and every day) by:

Each of us, individually can take part in Zero Emissions Day (and every day) by:

At AMCS, we strive every day to embrace digital ways to a cleaner world. A major service AMCS is proud to provide is route optimization. Route optimization is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to be more sustainable and efficient.  A major positive outcome of route optimization is reduction in miles driven and the lowering of fuel and maintenance costs. A reduction in miles driven means that there is less CO2 spilling into the atmosphere. According to the EPA, 2,500 miles driven by the average vehicle is equivalent to one metric tonne of emissions. One metric tonne equates to the equivalent of one month of a single persons’ carbon footprint (2).

When digitizing route optimization, less drivers and trucks are needed on the roads, less miles are driven, and less carbon is emitted. Users of AMCS Intelligent Optimization (route optimization) have reported reducing their emissions by over 30%.  By delivering our Intelligent Optimization platform, AMCS is contributing to a more sustainable future and a greener and cleaner today.


  1. IPCC report https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg1/
  2. https://carbonfund.org/everything-you-need-to-know-about-carbon-credits/ 

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