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Blog March 2020 Updated May 2022

Why a Customer Portal needs to be part of your customer engagement strategy

A digital engagement channel reduces operating costs and increases customer satisfaction

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Conor Dowd Product Marketing Manager

A digital engagement channel reduces operating costs and increases customer satisfaction

Access to all their information in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a week. By providing 24-hour service to customers through a customer portal waste and recycling companies streamline customer processes increasing customer service, customer engagement and customer satisfaction by up to 33% while delivering a positive and professional brand experience. Potentially, waste and recycling companies can reduce call volumes by up to 30%.

With this the customer portal drives added value, enabling operators to reduce their associated operating costs and drive margin expansion. Additionally, the solution improves operational efficiency through integrated and automated customer processes and improves cash flow by enabling customers to pay more easily and quickly.

Empowering customers 24/7 with a branded customer portal

End-customers are not always the first in line when they make an enquiry why their wheelie bin hasn’t been emptied. If a call centre is busy end-customers often have to wait until a customer service representative is able to take their call. This is typical for call centres where customer engagement is mainly handled by phone, risking customers being unhappy because they unnecessarily have to wait too long. A customer portal is vastly improving customer service and customer satisfaction because it streamlines all customers enquiries and requests by digitising all inbound and outbound calls and customer processes.

The AMCS Customer Portal is a self-service portal for end customers to manage their account. It is the next-generation, dedicated hub designed for AMCS Enterprise Management clients built to enhance and enrich their customer relationships and engagement through their own branded and customisable portal. With that, the industry builds trust with customers by offering responsive and personalised support through their preferred channel.

It’s 24/7 support and easy access to the answers they need. Wherever they are, great customer engagement is created. With the portal, waste and recycling companies automate and simplify customer interactions and they make it easier for customers to manage services such as container and order requests, process payments, view invoices and produce (operator) service reports.

Adding a new service channel is taking the stress off the CSR

Customer service centres that haven’t streamlined processes through digitalisation have a lot of extra work on their hands to be able to answer customer queries and requests. They have to check multiple screens, to check different pricing contracts, follow up on paper processes which altogether takes a lot of time on the call to provide an efficient and superior service to customers.

With the Portal waste and recycling companies are helping their customer service teams by adding a new help centre. If customers can access the information they want at any time, then the call volume is reduced, taking the stress off of the call centre team enabling them to focus on other business areas. AMCS Customer Portal cut service agent interactions while reducing multiple system costs.

The portal includes the ability to answer common queries such as balance or calendar enquiries in real-time. Where a customer might have traditionally made a phone call to get an answer, now they can ask the question directly themselves without no cost for the waste or recycling companies. This results in greater customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

An integrated SaaS customer engagement solution

The AMCS Customer Portal is a secure SaaS solution and provides three flexible delivery options: a branded portal delivered on designed templates; an enterprise option that includes a content management system for full customisation; lastly, widgets that can integrate customer’s current portals with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution.

With this, it is enabling waste and recycling operators to empower end-customers with account-specific information and services, such as new customer sign-up, order requests, invoice management, payment processing and reporting tools. The system allows operators to configure automated responses to common queries received from customers such as balance enquiries, calendar enquiries and repeat orders.

The portal is fully integrated with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution providing automated business processes across customer/round setup, daily workflow management and billing. This supports finance (invoicing, payments), dispatch (order/collection request) and CSR (order request, enquiries) departments by automating workflows and processes within these functions.

Improving customer satisfaction through quality information

AMCS have designed and developed the Customer Portal based on the needs of the waste and recycling industry and the increased demand for integrating business solutions and automating customer interactions. It enables waste and recycling companies to automate self-service channels available 24/7 providing their customers' on-demand services when, where and how they want. By doing so they improve customer satisfaction and redirect calls to lower-cost self-service channels.

With this the customer portal drives added value, enabling operators to improve operational efficiency through integrated and automated processes. In addition to that, they can improve cash flow by enabling customers to pay more easily and quickly. Other important key drivers of the customer portal are also improved customer satisfaction through quality, real-time information and to support the digitisation of the overall business.

AMCS Customer Portal also available for legacy software customers

AMCS Customer Portal is a product offering from the AMCS Digital Engagement solution, one of the six solutions of AMCS Platform. Each of the six solutions seamlessly fits like a jigsaw puzzle into each other, forming the unique end-to-end integrated SaaS solution for the waste and recycling industry. However, solutions like intelligent (route) optimisation, the Customer Portal and Mobile Workforce are also integrated into existing legacy software. This way all AMCS customers benefit from the innovative software solutions of AMCS Group.

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AMCS Customer Portal brochure

Find out how AMCS Customer Portal can reduce call volumes, decrease operational costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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