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Blog November 2018 Updated April 2021

Unlock Value Using Subcontractor Automation

Three Innovation Drivers Being the Catalyst for Change. The pace of change in technology today is driving the waste industry to move to more agile, automated operations.

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How to Unlock Value Using Subcontractor Automation

Three Innovation Drivers Being the Catalyst for Change

The pace of change in technology today is driving the waste industry to move to more agile, automated operations. In part, customers are driving this change. As the general population becomes more accustomed to being able to access information quickly and in real-time in all areas of their lives, they are increasingly expecting this level of service from waste providers as well.

Further, business operators are accustomed to accessing performance data in other areas of the business. The more waste operators are able to bring field-operations activity into data-centric platforms, the better they will be able to optimize the business, make data-driven decisions, and improve profitability.

Innovation Drivers

We see three innovation drivers as being the catalysts for change in the waste subcontracting space. These three drivers are really what is bringing about a future that is increasingly automated in subcontracting for operators.

Agility Imperative

Commercial models are evolving constantly. Not so long ago, it was enough to just be using the most up-to-date technology. But today, the ability of the technology itself to change is a factor in its use. If a customer wants to be able to do something differently, you have to be able to respond quickly without needing to make software changes in the background.

In subcontracting, the big driver here is for customers to see real-time data across a national account. They get information like this in other parts of their business, and they’re starting to ask for it from their waste providers as well.

Data-Driven Decisions 

When you’re using manual or paper-based processes, it’s very difficult to learn from your actions. It’s difficult to understand what you’re doing well and what’s not going as well so you can make changes to improve.

If you want to be able to refine and optimize your subcontracting program, you need access to high-quality information. This means you must be able to capture data. Transactions must be made and recorded electronically whenever possible. In doing so, your subcontractors’ performance becomes something that you can search, analyze, and explore so you can make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Cloud Enablement

The cloud is a massive driver of change across all industries, and waste is no exception. It allows your organization to share data across the organization in real-time. In terms of subcontracting, it becomes absolutely essential if you want to automate and optimize operations.

Cloud enablement helps future-proof your business by aligning your business’ information systems. Further, you should give preference to subcontractors who are also operating in the cloud to align with your business and provide automated, real-time data.

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