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Blog May 2021 Updated July 2023

Top Seven Reasons Trux Customers are Moving to the AMCS Platform

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

AMCS acquired the Canadian company Trux in 2020, welcoming TRUX customers and employees to the AMCS global customer base and bringing the AMCS North America customer base to 1000, which then represented 40% of the global AMCS customers. Established in 1990, Trux had set the standard for waste software for the Canadian market and gained wide acceptance with leading waste companies throughout North America as well. With AMCS already established in Europe, the acquisition has been a good fit for both organizations. In fact, David Ische, President of TRUX at the time of the acquisition, subsequently joined the AMCS Senior Management Team as Director of Business Development.

Get ahead with digitalization via the AMCS Platform

The AMCS Platform is waste management software reimagined, informed by the expertise and experience of our multiple integrated teams across the globe. Offering unparalleled functionality out-of-the-box, the AMCS Platform is based in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This means that the AMCS Platform keeps businesses secure and resilient, with superior mobility capabilities that enable end-to-end visibility of one unified system, accessible via the Web across all locations and on the road for employees, customers, and partners.

The Fast Start Program for Trux ensures an efficient, low-risk upgrade

We get it — moving to a new Enterprise Management system can be daunting. That’s why the Platform comes with pre-configured settings that are based on our years of experience and industry best-practices. And because we know your TRUX solution inside and out, we have invested in upgrade technologies to make the process as pain-free as possible.

Our Fast Start program for Trux includes a complete data transfer, with automated data transfer tools, coordinated by our experienced Professional Services team. First, with your input, we clean the existing data and migrate it over to the AMCS Platform. Then, we train you and your team with our new advanced web-based UI, which has built-in training capabilities that further shorten ramp-up time, maximizing productivity across the board in surprisingly short time.

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Reasons to upgrade to AMCS Platform

Here are key reasons why Trux customers should consider upgrading to the AMCS Platform.

#1 End-to-end visibility of one streamlined business process across the organization

Regardless of your current business set-up, whether you have one database or 40 — as we found with one recent customer — all data will be streamlined in one end-to-end system, fully integrated and Web-accessible across the entire organization.
No more having to laboriously reformat data to transfer it from one application to another. No more entering data manually from paper. In fact, you can eliminate paper from operations altogether, and say goodbye to the expense of buying, storing, mailing, and printing on paper!
For quarterly or monthly reports, no more manually patching together data and finessing it into homemade reports. With the Platform’s 200 ready-to-use Self-Serve reports and the ability to create your own, reports can be automatically compiled and distributed.

#2 Automated, integrated card payments with AMCS Pay

It’s no secret that providing a convenient and safe way for customers to make payments makes good business sense. The AMCS Platform integrated payments engine AMCS Pay allows waste management companies to securely accept all payment cards in an integrated manner over the phone or via the AMCS Customer Portal.
The secure PCI design allows for storing card information for recurring use without risk: card details are stored securely and remotely on the gateway while only an associated token is recorded in the AMCS Platform.

#3 Increased customer satisfaction with the AMCS Customer Portal

The AMCS self-serve Customer Portal provides customers with a familiar and modern way to access their accounts 24/7, to examine account history, place or change orders, submit questions, create their own reports, and — importantly — pay invoices safely with a credit card. The Portal encourages faster payment of invoices, while reducing inbound customer service calls and emails.
Even better, if the integrated payments engine AMCS Pay is used within the Customer Portal, both account and non-account customers can place orders and make payments. In addition, the Portal allows organizations to customize its pricing for non-account customers, using geo-fencing to measure the distance between the company depot and the non-account customer location.

#4. Fully integrated Transport Management System

#4 Unique in the industry and a gamechanger: AMCS TMS, the Smart Transport Solution
TMS has been purpose-built from the ground up and includes a new, easy to see and use UI. It digitizes and fully automates all aspects of transport management:

• Resource management, tracking routes per day, vehicle history and maintenance schedules, driver and helper history and time off details, and much more
• Rostering, matching routes by calendar day with vehicle and driver combinations, seeing multiple routes for load-balancing decisions, viewing upcoming month possibilities, color-coded
• Planning and execution, recording and providing real-time insights on productivity upon route execution, and enabling comparisons to other days and routes over time to find trends, improve outcomes

#5 The AMCS Platform: based in the cloud

The AMCS Platform is a true SaaS solution running on the ultra-secure and reliable Microsoft Azure cloud platform. A major benefit is the elimination of risk, whether from ransomware attacks, for example, or natural disasters. This means that business continuity will be pretty much guaranteed, with more than 99.95% uptime, so that businesses and their customers can rely on the system to be available no matter what. Mobile communication is also much more reliable from the cloud, a key advantage when waste management requires real-time communication with remote workers, multiple locations, and vehicles, drivers, and helpers on the road. In addition, no more worries about security software updates or scaling — it’s all automatic.

#6 Critical business insights via Business Intelligence, self-service reporting and DataMart

The AMCS Platform enables collecting data in real time from various resources and bringing it all together to examine from a variety of perspectives to search for trends that require adjustments, to know what’s going on so that the business can act with agility to keep things on an even keel. By tracking indicators over time, management won’t be caught unawares. Instead, they can act proactively to stop leaking revenue, for example, or change pricing or contracts for a better outcome.
Even customers can take advantage of this self-serve reporting when they use the Customer Portal, creating reports of their own data, another way to increase customer satisfaction. The Business Intelligence Reporting tool can also be integrated with DataMart.

#7 Better margin control with the industry’s most powerful pricing engine

The AMCS Platform offers the most automated and comprehensive pricing engine for the waste and recycling industry on the market today. For dumpster rental businesses, as just one example, multiple pricing configurations can be applied based on size of unit, usually varying from 10 to 40 yards, frequency of visit, type of material, distance to disposal, and more. Other lines of business have fees built in for overfilled containers, for example, or for recycling material with high levels of contaminants.

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