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Blog April 2021 Updated July 2023

Top Five Reasons why DesertMicro customers should consider AMCS Platform

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

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Wim Hoek

Product Marketing Manager

In 2018 our DesertMicro customers were welcomed to the AMCS global customer base. In total, the acquisition of DesertMicro added over 250 customers from across the US and Canada. AMCS feels great responsibility in strengthening the DesertMicro’s suite of cloud software that was designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry. We are proud to announce that the next generation for technology for DesertMicro has arrived.

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

The AMCS Platform is built with the expertise of our integrated teams and many other specialists from leading waste management solutions across the world. AMCS Platform is waste management software reimagined. It offers unparalleled functionality out-of-the-box and is suitable for any DesertMicro business. The AMCS Platform is cloud-based and is highly configurable to meet any of your business requirements.

Leverage our Fast Start program to move to AMCS Platform at no risk!

Moving to a new ERP system can be daunting. We understand the complexities and risks. This is why AMCS Platform comes with pre-configured settings based on many years of experience and industry best-practices. Because we know your current DesertMicro solution inside-out, we know we can make this process run smooth and successful with no risk to you. Your existing data can be formatted to migrate over to AMCS Platform in a matter of days. We are committed in helping you every step of the way. It’s what AMCS has done for hundreds of other waste management companies.

Our Fast Start program include a complete data transfer coordinated by our experienced Professional Service team. With your help we clean your existing data and our experts will move it over to the new Platform solution. Once we have your data setup, we train you and your team in using the software to get the maximum benefit.

On AMCS Platform your team will enjoy working with the modern web-based UI and the built-in training capabilities will shorten learning time and will make them productive almost immediately.

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Top five reasons to consider AMCS Platform

Here are key reasons why DesertMicro customers should consider the AMCS Platform.

1. Delight your customers with an Amazon-like service levels

AMCS Platform can automate trigger notification messages to customers to confirm the service day for their order and to confirm a delivery time on the day of service. These service notification messages can be sent via text or email. Our range of automated notifications is being extended with each release and they support pro-active communications with your customers which delight them and reduce the volume of inbound service-related calls and emails.

2. Benefit from the Security and Reliability of the Cloud

Like DesertMicro, the AMCS Platform is a true SaaS solution running on the ultra-secure and reliable Azure platform. The big payoff here is the elimination of risk. Whether it be fire, floods, ransomware attacks, or various other natural or more modern threats, it guarantees business continuity. Our close partnership with Microsoft guarantees that we have access to the latest innovations and our customers will be able to reap the benefits.

3. Turn your Customer Portal into a 24/7 Cash Register

The AMCS Portal allows both account and non-account customers to place orders and make payments using our secure integrated payments solution AMCS Pay. The portal even allows you to customize pricing for non-account customers, using geo-fencing to measure the distance between your depot and their location.

4. Superior Transport Planning tools

The AMCS Transport Planning tool is the most advanced in the market as it allows you to plan with full visibility on the forward availability of your vehicles and staff - so no more reliance on the traditional wall planner. It also allows you to track, live and in real-time, the progress of each vehicle on the day of service. It offers embedded maps to support your planning - showing each route and job on the map - and automatically calculates distance and time for each job so that schedules and ETAs remain realistic.

5. Get critical busines insights through Business Intelligence and (self-serve) reporting

AMCS Platform enables you to collect data in real time from these various resources, bring it all together, and analyze it to get a complete view of what’s happening in your operations. You can see where you’re leaking revenue, the profitability of each customer, and how you can reduce operating costs. The solution comes with over 200 pre-defined reports to help you look at your business like you have never been able before. This is essential information for your decision making and invaluable component to grow the business. We make these insights available to you right out the box. Your customer will also benefit from the powerful self-serve reporting. This is enabling them to create reports on their own data themselves. This is providing a huge service improvement to your customers which will boost customer satisfaction.

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