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Blog May 2021

Six reasons why PC Scale Tower customers should consider an upgrade to the AMCS Platform

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

In 2014 our PC Scale Tower customers were welcomed to the AMCS global customer base. In total, the acquisition added hundreds of customers from across the US and Canada. AMCS feels great responsibility in strengthening the Tower automation technology, and with that the competitiveness and profitability for the Tower customers. We have since developed the AMCS Platform, a cloud solution that is designed specifically for the waste and recycling industry. The Platform represents the next generation of technology for Tower users.

Get ready for a new era of digitalization in waste management

The AMCS Platform is built with the expertise of our integrated teams and many other specialists from leading waste management solutions across the world. The AMCS Platform is waste management software reimagined. It offers unparalleled functionality out-of-the-box and is suitable for any waste and recycling business. The AMCS Platform is cloud-based to keep your business secure and resilient. It is highly configurable to meet any of your business requirements.

Use our Fast Start for Tower program to upgrade to AMCS Platform

Upgrading to a new enterprise management system can be daunting. We understand the complexities and risks. This is why AMCS Platform comes with pre-configured settings based on many years of experience and industry best-practices. Because we know your current Tower solution inside-out, we have invested in upgrade technologies to make the upgrade go smoothly and successfully while minimizing risk to you. Using our purpose-built data transformation tools, your existing Tower data can be migrated to the Platform in a reduced time frame. We are committed in helping you every step of the way. It’s what AMCS has done for hundreds of other waste management companies.

Our Fast Start program for Tower includes a complete data transfer coordinated by our experienced Professional Services team. With your help we map the existing data and our experts will move it over to the new Platform solution. Once we have your data in Platform, we train you and your team in using the software to get the maximum benefit.
Your team will enjoy working with the Platform’s modern web-based UI, and leveraging the built-in training/AMCS Academy capabilities will shorten learning time and allow the team to be productive almost immediately.

Moving from an On-Premise solution to the Cloud

The big payoff here is the elimination of risk. Whether it be fire, floods, ransomware attacks, or various other natural or more modern threats, relieving your business of an On-Premise solution guarantees business continuity that may otherwise suffer. It’s also about removing the costs associated with On Premise solutions like IWS, such as servers, software, etc. Moving to a modern SaaS platform offers security, scalability and reliability.

Reasons to upgrade to AMCS Platform

Here are key reasons why Tower customers should consider upgrading to the AMCS Platform.

1. Benefit from the security, reliability and flexibility of the Cloud

AMCS Platform is a true SaaS solution running on the ultra-secure and reliable Microsoft Azure platform. The big payoff here is the elimination of risk. Whether fire, floods, ransomware attacks, or various other natural or more modern threats occur, your business continuity is guaranteed. With over 99.95% up-time, you and your customers can rely on the system to be available no matter what. Our close partnership with Microsoft guarantees that we have access to the latest innovations and AMCS Platform customers will be able to reap the benefits of the Microsoft partnership..
The past year has challenged most organizations. They’ve had to extend their infrastructure to support remote working and to open multiple channels to engage and service their clients and business partners. Many of these innovations can present inherent security risks, as businesses are forced to quickly adapt their IT infrastructure to this new world. With AMCS Platform in the cloud, enabling remote working is effortless and secure.

2. Get critical business insights through Business Intelligence, self-service reporting and DataMart

The AMCS Platform enables you to collect data in real time from various resources, bring it all together, and analyze it to get a complete view of what’s happening in your operations. You can see where you’re leaking revenue, the profitability of each customer, and how you can reduce operating costs. The solution comes with over 200 standard reports to help you look at your business as you have never been able to before. You can also edit and create your own reports using the Report Designer. Your customers will also benefit from the powerful self-serve reporting, which enables them to create reports on their own data. This provides a big improvement in customer service, boosting customer satisfaction. You will also be able to plug your own Business Intelligence and reporting tool into DataMart.

3. Improve customer self-service with the AMCS Customer Portal

Deploying a web portal for your customers allows you to automatically push all customer documentation (tickets, reports, invoices, statements and credit notes) online, where the customer can self-serve at any time. This reduces both paper usage and administration costs, while increasing customer satisfaction in an era when customers want and expect their service providers to be available 24/7. The AMCS Customer Portal has delivered functional, security and UI improvements over the eTower customer portal currently in use with Tower. Branding and appearance settings have been expanded to allow customers to modify the Portal’s look and feel.

4. Fully integrated Transport Management System

The new AMCS TMS (Transport Management System) provides highly automated and integrated functionality capable of managing every aspect of waste collection logistics including route planning, scheduling, live tracking and a mobile driver application. This capability will deliver enhanced productivity through improved resource optimization, operational visibility and service levels.
TMS also eliminates the need for multiple solutions such as Routeware and Fleetmind and reduces the costs of subscription and maintenance fees.

5. Decreased service code list

With the AMCS Platform your service code list will be greatly reduced, eliminating a lot of complexities and time consuming administrative tasks. For example, ou can easily set up various sizes of waste containers with the same service code, so that if the customer ordered a 4-yard container, but only a 6-yard one is available.

6. Inspect all roll-off loads to protect margins

Our Mobile Grading application allows yard staff to inspect all loads and identify any variances with the expected waste description. This easy-to-use mobile application allows staff to perform a quick percentage breakdown of the roll-off load and to charge for any variances like contamination such as tires or refrigerators. It also allows you to take photos and link them to the order. This process is integrated with our scale house application and our automated pricing engine to ensure that you can provide feedback to your customers and protect your margins.

Contact us to learn more about why former Tower customers chose AMCS Platform to replace Tower

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