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Blog May 2020 Updated April 2024

Scoop for AMCS with its webinar Mobile Workforce for remote workers

Industry experts highlight how the mobile application supports drivers on their job. How can AMCS Mobile Workforce support remote workers?

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Ken Tierney

Product Manager IoT

Industry experts highlight how the mobile application supports drivers on their job

How can AMCS Mobile Workforce support remote workers? These and other questions will be answered by an industry expert during the first AMCS webinar about this topic. With this, the leading company that globally has automated and digitised thousands of waste and recycling companies has a scoop. It is the first time Product Manager Ken Tierney and Sales Manager Rogier de Klein together host a live webinar about the possibilities the mobile solution provides to increase productivity, reduce operational and safety risks and improve customer service.

“Now, more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that companies implement new technologies to work remotely. Mobile Workforce is one of the six solutions of the AMCS Platform that contributes to this with digitisation. The live webinar highlights how the mobile application works for drivers while executing orders on the road as well during the daily work for planners, supervisors and other co-workers throughout the operations.”

Real-time connectivity enables oversight of order management processes

With a digital order management solution, the days of handling lots of paper both in-cab and back at the office are over. The AMCS Mobile Workforce solution means completely digitalising the order management workflows of waste collection and recycling companies. All documentation and processes, from route sheets and the driver, debrief all the way through guided navigation and proof of service, are digitised and strengthened with real-time data and service analytics. With this, the mobile solution offers a wide range of advantages, for instance, better control of orders and their fulfilment, real-time visibility of all the activities of the vehicle and reduced revenue leakage as all work is recorded and full oversight of the fleet is available.

The AMCS Mobile solution enables real-time connectivity with all drivers wherever they are. It provides constant oversight of the waste collection services, real-time and dynamic adjustments to the drivers’ daily schedules, real-time capture of customer collection information and efficient, paperless management and tracking of the order management process. This is creating a more dynamic, agile and productive operation. Besides the real-time handling of and the possibility of signing orders, AMCS Mobile also provides features and functionality around container management, vehicle tracking, driver safety checks, time registration of vehicle personnel and mileage.

All digitally and in real-time. It is this digitalisation that leads to companies creating efficiency, increasing productivity and cutting down administrative tasks, such as reducing double entry, fewer errors and less administration for drivers, dispatchers and also customer service representatives. Through the real-time data exchange with the centralised enterprise management system, up-to-date information is constantly available for both the planning and call centre. This overview provides, for instance, planners with the possibility to add ad-hoc orders in existing drivers schedules. Customer service employees have all the necessary information directly at hand to answer queries immediately. Since they know what order the driver is executing and where the vehicle is, they can even proactively inform the customer about expected changes. Based on this, AMCS Mobile improves customer service both at the planning site by adding ad-hoc orders and at the call centre site to quickly respond to queries and act pro-actively before customers have questions.

AMCS Mobile mitigates safety risks through driver assistance

Reduce health and safety risks for drivers in the waste and recycling industry. Due to an extensive set of built-in features, AMCS Mobile is delivering exactly that. The integrated mobile solution has an intuitive user interface (UI) as standard and with this, provides several options to ensure drivers health and safety. One of these is the possibility to disable the interaction on the mobile device over a set speed to prevent distractions to the drivers when they are navigating their route. Other features to reduce drivers interaction are, for example, automated route load, single touch rejection actions and GPS matching of lifts to customers on the road.

An integrated part of the mobile solution is also guided navigation assuring drivers safety with voice instructions as they progress around the route. This allows them to be fully focused on the road, whilst still being made aware of potential hazards. The route planner or supervisor has the ability to add extra instructions to guide navigation such as call out safety hazards like school ahead. An example of this so-called ‘route editor’ is alerting the driver to a safety warning such as, ‘slow down, school ahead’ or preventing the driver from crossing a busy street if it’s not necessary.

Also, Malte Zinke, Project Manager Logistic at Veolia in Germany, agrees that guided navigation contributes to a safe working environment for drivers. “Information is announced through the mobile system as a voice message”, he says in an interview with AMCS. “This is increasing the safety immensely because the driver is with both hands on the steering wheel at all times."

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