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Blog August 2019

Payment Challenges & the Solution

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Businesses that’d like to streamline their processes still face several challenges regarding how they send and receive funds to suppliers. The first is the ever-changing payment landscape. After all, the way we make payments are evolving – and fast. With new services being introduced, the infrastructure must adapt if it’s to handle these developments.  

Of course, while technology can help simplify operations, it can also hinder them. Market developments are clearly dictating the way people make payments, while changes in consumer behavior and globalization are also impacting existing processes – and the ease with which they can be utilized.  The bottom line is this: it should be easy – and safe – to carry out payments; the systems we use to do so should offer a bit more than making and receiving payments and do it all at a competitive price.

That’s what AMCS Pay is designed to do.

The out-of-the-box solution.

Bringing improved efficiency to waste and recycling organizations, the payment solution is already integrated into the existing AMCS Platform. There’s simply no need for rigorous testing or integration costs.  It works out of the box making it easy to manage payments and multiple suppliers.

Accept payments across multiple channels.

AMCS Pay supports your omnichannel strategy, making it easy for customers to pay from any device. This makes perfect sense for you and your customer, giving them the chance to enjoy a fast and secure experience, regardless of their payment method.

Find efficiency gains and cost savings.

It’s a flexible system, made for businesses of all sizes, and can reduce your current transaction and volume fees. Helping your business flourish, the platform also gives you all the tools you need to improve efficiency while reducing your overheads. It allows you to remain competitive in a market that’s increasingly shaped by technology.

It’s a system that really will work with you, not against you. With the chance to not just meet, but exceed your customers’ expectations, AMCS Pay allows you to choose a flexible Point of Style payment solution that suits you and the way you work. By doing so, you can increase your payment conversion, as you’ll be able to easily receive funds online, over the phone, or by recurring billing. Accepting payment across all channels – and via a wide range of card brands – the system is seamless.

Just one PCI connection.

Another very real issue is the existing need to maintain multiple PCI connections. Currently, organizations that handle credit or debit cards need to meet no less than 12 requirements via a compensating control. Each must be approved on a case-by-case basis and this takes time. On top of that, failure to meet the requirements can result in fines or termination of processing privileges in relation to the credit cards.

But with AMCS Pay, the process is streamlined, so one connection is all you need.

Secure payment environment.

AMCS Pay allows you to boost your PCI-compliance scope, avoiding any fees which may be imposed as a result of choosing a non-compliant payment solution. It also provides you with fraud management software that can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

You’ll also have the peace of mind of an extra layer of protection with 3D Secure. This not only gives you security but your customers too.

It’s time

It’s a system that really will work with you, not against you. With the chance to not just meet, but exceed your customers’ expectations, AMCS Pay allows you to choose a flexible Point of Style payment solution that suits you and the way you work.

Transforming the way you do business, AMCS Pay offers flexibility and comes pre-integrated with the AMCS Enterprise Management solution, in a time when operations are becoming smoother and more streamlined.

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