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Blog October 2018 Updated April 2021

Optimize Your Scale House Operations

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Turn Resources into Revenue with Scale House Optimization

Scale house operators deal with a lot of complexity on a day-to-day basis in their business. Those that are still working with legacy systems experience a lack of visibility into scale house activity, what materials are coming in, their origin, and what is going out. There is no integration between the weigh system and the back office, making invoicing and collections costly and time-consuming. And they struggle to keep things moving on the ground, getting trucks in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep queues to a minimum.

AMCS allows scale houses to easily track materials by origin, destination, weight, volume, and/or a number of units to reduce revenue leakage. The platform provides integration with complete visibility between the back office and scale house operations, significantly speeding up invoice delivery and collection times.

Scale house operators using AMCS also enjoy the benefits of much faster truck throughput, reducing scale queues to get trucks back on the road faster and improve customer satisfaction. AMCS also enables them to save on paper and postage with the ability to easily email weight slips, invoices, and statements to clients.

Set user roles and security levels

Scale house management using AMCS can easily set user-defined security roles and levels. This ensures that your system is secured and the right people have the level of access they need to do their jobs, without enabling widespread changes. This keeps your data hygienic and your critical system settings, such as pricing tiers, etc., secure. AMCS also provides multi-location organizations to set up and customize settings and security by site location.

Automatically collect tare weights on outbound loads

Using AMCS, scale house operators can set and store tare weights of frequent trucks, eliminating the need to weigh out every time they come through. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent on location, getting trucks back out on the road faster, and reducing queues and traffic at the site.

System administrators have a significant level of flexibility to set seasonal tares and to set alerts and expirations. For example, the system can be set to flag a truck’s 20th visit and will send the scale house operator an alert that tells them that it’s time to weigh the truck out again.

Create scale tickets with speed and simplicity

For some scale houses, ticketing can become a real headache. Beginning with the need to purchase and load paper and ink, stopping to replace it when it runs out, to drivers and clients constantly losing tickets.

When you digitize your ticketing system, you can simply send tickets via email and save ticketing information in case your clients need the information again in the future. The AMCS platform also allows you to print and reprint tickets as needed. Further, the platform lets system administrators set ticket defaults, reducing or even eliminating altogether the need to fill out the same truck information over and over again.

Flexible Pricing Options

In AMCS, pricing settings are completely flexible and highly customizable. System administrators can set up the ability to discount, set up multipliers, pricing tiers, and more. Pricing can also be set up by weight, size, volume, and number of units. Basically, you have the ability to set up as many different pricing structures as you need!

AMCS users also have the capability to proactively set pricing expiration and adjustments, as well as retroactive price changes. With AMCS, your scale house operation is unlimited in its ability to set pricing that works best for you.

The AMCS scale house solution was built to be highly flexible with robust operations, pricing, and reporting functionality.

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Optimize Your Scale House Operations

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