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Blog June 2024

Optimize fleet inventory with AMCS: reduce costs, streamline operations, and boost efficiency.

Streamlining Fleet Inventory Management with AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software

Adrian Pollard

Adrian Pollard

Senior Product Owner

With streamlined processes and real-time insights, inventory management becomes not just manageable but a strategic asset for cost reduction and operational excellence. Fleet Managers often find themselves navigating through the complexities of inventory management without formal training, which can lead to spiraling storeroom costs and tied-up capital. With the innovative features of AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software, Fleet Managers can optimize their inventory management practices, ultimately driving savings straight to the bottom line.

Streamlining Inventory with E&O Parts Management

Ever found yourself buried under a mountain of excess and obsolete parts? The scourge of excess and obsolete (E&O) parts plagues many fleet operations, draining resources and cluttering stockrooms with idle inventory. By identifying inactive and slow-moving parts, fleet managers can swiftly take action, either returning them to suppliers or capitalizing on resale opportunities. This proactive approach ensures that valuable capital is not tied up in redundant inventory, safeguarding the financial health of the fleet.

Going Digital: Inventory Verification Made Simple

Bid farewell to cumbersome paper forms and embrace the digital revolution with one of AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software's most recently launched features: Paperless Parts Inventory Stock Level Verification/Correction (aka Cycle Counts). Now, because it’s all completed through a mobile device, Fleet managers can conduct stock level verification continuously and make corrections effortlessly, as they walk the floor. Whether verifying that actual stock levels match the system or making necessary adjustments on the fly, this electronic solution ensures accuracy and efficiency in inventory management, without shutting down the stock room and stopping part movements.

Streamlined Purchase Orders and Cost Management

Comprehensive Purchase Order and Cost Management capabilities empower Fleet Operators to streamline the procurement process. With AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software, fleet managers can allocate purchase costs against specific GL accounts, segregating fleet-related expenses from non-fleet expenditures such as fleet parts and office supplies. 

Here’s a scenario: A waste hauler has a depot or transfer station which is mostly maintenance focused but has a small front office with a salesperson and some admin. 98% of what they purchase are parts and services for the fleet so they use Fleet Maintenance as their procurement tool. However, they also buy a small amount of office supplies and they want to use the same tool but don’t want the expense to go against the fleet. AMCS Fleet Maintenance now allows a given purchase cost to be applied against a GL account and NOT fleet/parts inventory. This allows our customers to streamline their local procurement process saving time and money, and also increases the accuracy of inventory valuation as it is not polluted with irrelevant cost data.

AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software stands as a beacon of efficiency and innovation in the realm of fleet inventory management. By leveraging its robust features, fleet managers can embrace a future of streamlined operations, cost savings, and strategic excellence. Unlock the full potential of your fleet with AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software today.

See how AMCS Fleet Maintenance Solutions help streamline fleet management for Finance Teams

You want the best possible, most efficient and profitable fleet on the street. AMCS Fleet Maintenance’s software features and reports provide everything your company needs to operate at peak performance.



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