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Blog August 2023 Updated April 2024

Making Light Work of Maintenance – A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Tracking Tasks

Timely maintenance keeps your vehicles in tip top condition, but keeping track of tasks can be tough. AMCS Fleet Maintenance keeps your ‘to do list’ under control.

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Bob Hausler

Vice President Transport, North America, AMCS

Emails. Text messages. Phone Calls. As a fleet manager you’re constantly responding to an influx of information with requests and reminders arriving all day from mechanics, drivers, dealers and manufacturers. Every interaction means you have to stop what you’re doing and process the issue.

In this environment, keeping track of everything is not easy and you undoubtedly have an endless ‘to-do’ list. Maybe you manage that on a spreadsheet, a white board, or even good old yellow sticky notes? Unfortunately, there’s one thing all these organizational methods have in common: they all get lost. Which is why our fleets and workshops are crying out for a better way to plan, execute and track maintenance.

Daily Reminder: One Place to Track Tasks

AMCS Fleet Maintenance offers an effective solution in the form of the Daily Reminder Dashboard. This intuitive dashboard offers a single location to track fleet maintenance tasks in real-time so you can manage your ‘to-do’ list and make more productive decisions based on current information.

To help you keep on top of things, all ‘to-do’ tasks can be broken down into task types and sorted according to various criteria. Maybe you want to look at forthcoming preventative maintenance (PM), or perhaps you want to see repairs in progress? Daily Reminder ensures all of this information is at your fingertips, automatically organizing information so you can manage and interrogate your ‘to-do’ list efficiently.

Work Pending: An Intelligent Way to Add Jobs 

For the most part, AMCS Fleet Maintenance is able to add jobs to the Daily Reminder Dashboard automatically. When a PM inspection is due or parts need to be reordered, for example, these tasks will appear instantly on your ‘to-do’ list.

But what about when you need to add unforeseen tasks in response to product recalls, driver vehicle inspection issues, or a specific campaign, for instance? In these situations, you can add to a list of Work Pending, which is also visible on the Daily Reminder Dashboard.

This prioritized Work Pending list helps you answer those inevitable queries such as: “When are you going to get to that job?” and “Is it finished yet?” Fortunately, Work Pending addresses both of these issues – helping you keep track of what needs to be done as well as when it was done and on what repair order.

A Smart ‘To-Do’ List: Make One Entry for Multiple Vehicles

Any time a Work Pending entry is added, it will stay attached to the unit until it is cleared through a Repair Order, or deemed unnecessary (typically by a supervisor). In many situations, this will result in a single repair, but in some cases, you will need to add Work Pending for multiple units simultaneously.

Imagine, for example, that you receive a recall notice for a specific component: a right idler arm on the 2014 Kenworth truck. You have 96 2014 tractor units, but only 74 are Kenworths. Using AMCS Fleet Maintenance, you can create one Broadcast Work Pending by selecting only the 2014 Kenworth units.

This will be visible to every user on the Daily Reminder and show as a pop-up whenever a Repair Order is opened for one of the vehicles in question. Alternatively, click on the item in the Daily Reminder to create a Repair Order. Once the repair is complete, AMCS Fleet Maintenance keeps a permanent record of the work carried out.

Work As a Team: Anyone Can Add Tasks

Your drivers are up close and personal with fleet assets every day. That means they are party to a wealth of vehicle information that can improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet. Whether they spot an issue while out on the road or flag something during a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR), drivers often need to add to your ‘to-do’ list.

For busy fleet managers, that means handling additional calls, impromptu demands, or extra admin. But what if drivers could create their own Work Pending request as and when they identify a problem?

AMCS Fleet Maintenance allows any person in your organization to record equipment problems or post meter readings using a smartphone or tablet device. That information is then seamlessly added to your Daily Reminder with the option to review and apply one of four different statuses:

  • Approve and list the job with Work Pending in your Daily Reminder
  • Approve and create a new Repair Order
  • Flag the repair as unnecessary for safe operation to remove it from the list and file
  • Flag the repair as unnecessary for safe operation but leave it open in the Daily Reminder

Pictures Talk: Images Support Informed Decisions

Sometimes, a picture really does speak a thousand words, particularly when it comes to explaining technical details. That’s why AMCS Fleet Maintenance allows drivers to load images from their mobile device that can be attached to Work Pending.

Not only does this mean that you can make instant safety decisions from within the Daily Reminder, but with timely access to relevant information, including GPS location, you can manage driver issues more quickly and cost-effectively.

Take, for example, the delivery driver whose right side mirror is damaged while out on the road. During lunch, they take a moment to report the problem, loading a couple of pictures direct from their smartphone. This Work Pending item pops up instantly on your Daily Reminder.

Without visual evidence, it could be hard to gauge the severity of the issue, but with images to hand, you can assess the problem swiftly. With one click you review the damage, conclude that it needs to be fixed but is not critical for safe operation. You can then adjust the priority so that it will be addressed with the next PM or shop visit. 

When the van’s next PM is due, a reminder will automatically pop up about the mirror prompting cost-effective repair during a pre-planned PM service. Both the PM and the Work Pending item are addressed on the Repair Order and there is a permanent record of the resolution.

How AMCS Fleet Maintenance Helps Improve Safety and Profitability

With a smart approach to organizing your ‘to-do’ list, AMCS Fleet Maintenance takes the stress out of running a safe, compliant and cost-effective fleet.

Sure, the role of a fleet manager is still going to be busy, but with the Daily Reminder Dashboard, AMCS offers a structured way to plan, co-ordinate and track maintenance tasks so you can keep your vehicles running at peak performance.

From assessing and prioritizing equipment issues to making best use of workshop resources, our Work Pending feature helps you (and your team) keep on top of vehicle issues that can result in costly, unplanned downtime or even impact driver safety. 

Find out how AMCS Fleet Maintenance software could further simplify your day to day asset management by watching our on-demand webinar. With simple solutions to manage vehicles, parts and people, we can help you make light work of maintenance.

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