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Blog August 2020 Updated July 2023

Leading German recycling company tackles highly complex planning

With AMCS Intelligent Optimization the available drivers can effectively and efficiently be deployed

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Martijn Schimmer Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

With AMCS Intelligent Optimization the available drivers can effectively and efficiently be deployed

Due to the algorithm developed by AMCS, Germany’s second-largest recycling company can meet the increasingly complex planning demands for the operation with over 2.000 vehicles every day servicing around 200.000 customer contact points. AMCS Intelligent Optimisation enables the company to automate the optimization of the routes and to digitize both the paperwork and the communication between the planners and drivers. With this, the interaction has become faster and more direct while at the same time also being able to meet the highest quality demands.

The German leading company is worldwide one of the top ten recyclers and the second-largest one in Germany. With over 7.500 employees every day there are more than 2.000 vehicles on the road for transport from around 200.000 customer contact points. That is a gigantic logistic challenge that led to setting up the logistics processes in a simpler, more transparent, and resilient manner. To do so since 2017 the recycling company uses AMCS Intelligent Optimisation. This smart software for dynamic route optimization streamlines the logistics processes giving full insight into the complete operation.

Highly accurate planning significantly reduces planning time

With route and time as the main parameters, the route planning software helps the German recycling company to achieve ideal planning results which can then be implemented reliably on routes. At the beginning of the working day, drivers download their own routes on their handhelds, including the digital route lists and all of the important information of the individual orders.

During the execution of the orders, all data is captured against customers. The AMCS solution integrates the company’s resources and customers’ orders into the system with a high level of data quality. By digitizing the communication between planners and drivers the exchanged information is of a significantly higher quality. Because of the precise and super-fast algorithms, the planning is also of a high accuracy which considerably reduces planning time.

Optimal route planning deploys the available drivers effectively and efficiently

For the leading German recycling company, the smart optimization software also led to a series of other positive outcomes. For instance, there has been a significant cutback in the number of vehicles needed to execute orders. This is of the utmost importance, especially in crowded city infrastructures. Fewer vehicles on the road also reduce CO2 emissions which lowers the environmental impact.

Additionally, for the leading German company AMCS also is the answer to the challenge of short-staffed drivers. Due to optimal route planning, the number of drivers available can be deployed effectively and efficiently on the available vehicles. The solution also provides greater convenience and support for drivers with less stress and fewer risks of accidents thanks to additional aids of guided navigation which leads drivers through their routes and guides them to any waste collection point.

End-to-end solution for all types of waste collection planning

AMCS Intelligent Optimisation is a mature and fully equipped system for the waste industry and covers all types of planning, waste collection, transport, and transfer. The solution provides planning both for static master routes and real-time dynamic planning for household and commercial waste collection for bins, underground containers, skips, and roll-on/roll-off containers.

The system provides for large-scale optimization of master plans, scenarios, maintenance of master routes, daily route optimization, and long-term what-if simulations. It can handle 300,000+ orders in the same optimization and 1,500+ stops in sequence optimization, visit frequencies and patterns, territory work balancing, and also disjoint or overlapping routes. Furthermore, the smart optimization software also provides agile and automatic route optimization, operational and real-time optimization, and all in one collection, transport, transfer, and service. The fully distributed multi-user system offers an enterprise-ready solution and real-time data exchange with rich waste and recycles functionalities.

Planning flexibility increased and customer service levels improved

The benefits of AMCS Intelligent Optimisation are significant, for instance, the reductions of 5 to 25% mileage and driving time leading to a major reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, 5 to 15% fewer vehicles have to be deployed to execute the same routes. There is also 30% to 60% less time spent on planning and registration.  Additionally, route quality, employee satisfaction, and planning flexibility are significantly increased and customer service levels strikingly improved, even close to a 100% service fulfillment rate.

AMCS Platform

AMCS Intelligent Optimisation is one of the six solutions of AMCS Platform, including Enterprise Management, Intelligent Optimisation, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Digital Engagement, and AMCS Analytics. Each of the six solutions seamlessly fit like a jigsaw puzzle into each other, forming the unique end-to-end integrated SaaS solution for the waste and recycling industry.

With this, AMCS Platform drives revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency, and sustainability. AMCS lives up to those words with a product and development team of around 200 people, currently investing 20% of overall turnover in product development. Solutions like Intelligent Optimisation, the AMCS Customer Portal and Mobile Workforce are also integrated into existing legacy software. This way all AMCS customers benefit from the innovative software solutions of AMCS Group.

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Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

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