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Blog April 2022 Updated May 2024

how to leverage telematics with fleet maintenance software to reduce your costs

When it comes to telematics, AMCS is a leader in leveraging data to help you to understand and optimize the operation of your fleet.

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Conor Dowd

Conor Dowd

Global Product Marketing Manager, AMCS

When it comes to telematics, AMCS is a leader in leveraging data to help you to understand and optimize the  operation of your fleet. 

In November 2021, AMCS welcomed US-based fleet maintenance management software company Dossier Systems to the Group.

The Dossier solution leverages an Azure cloud-based platform and real-time data to unlock the hidden productivity and cost saving potential achieved through effective fleet maintenance. 

The integration between Dossier and AMCS Telematics solution will mean that you can run vehicles even more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also means you reduce the risk, costs, and inconvenience of unplanned vehicle downtime.

How does Dossier Fleet Maintenance solution work?

An accepted metric is that a breakdown is four times as expensive as the proactive maintenance that would have prevented it. Add to that the soft cost downstream of a breakdown (missed pickup/delivery, customer dissatisfaction, driver overtime, etc.) and breakdowns are something that you want to avoid.

All your vehicles require maintenance at some point. Being proactive about this maintenance, rather than reactive, can lead to big cost savings and smoother operations.

AMCS Dossier is a fleet maintenance software solution that ensures your vehicles are being serviced and parts replaced when they need to be. It also manages your parts inventory, helping to ensure you avoid delays waiting for parts to be delivered.

As well as time-based maintenance, Dossier monitors the amount of work a vehicle has undertaken (miles, km, hours) since the last time maintenance was performed.

When combined with AMCS’ Telematics solution, it means vehicle data is shared so that an inspection can occur at the beginning and/or end of the shift. 

But even better than that, engine fault codes can go straight into Dossier as soon as they are recorded, meaning a vehicle can be called back for maintenance if it needs to be. 

Within Dossier, the repair requirement automatically goes into the fleet managers schedule as soon as the fault codes are detected.

How does Dossier work with AMCS Telematics?

AMCS Telematics solution is integrated with Dossier. This provides customers with an end-to-end solution for fleet maintenance. 

Information such as miles/kilometres driven, hours of operation, fuel consumption, braking and more is stored on the vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM). 

If any monitored systems are outside of acceptable parameters, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are generated.

The AMCS’ Telematics solution can read this data. But Telematics can also include the ability for the driver/operator to perform predefined inspections to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and safe.

When any issues are alerted by the telematics system, this is fed into Dossier and becomes part of the maintenance schedule for the fleet manager. 

Benefits of using the AMCS Telematics solution with Dossier

  • Efficiency – data from AMCS Telematics, such as odometer readings and engine hours, is provided to the Dossier system. This means the planned maintenance schedule can be updated based on these values to provide more effective and timely maintenance. 
  • Safety – With AMCS Telematics providing engine fault codes and other key data such as brake wear, faults can be detected earlier. This information is made available to Dossier and can initiate the work order process to get repairs scheduled. 
  • Cost – effective and timely maintenance is key to having longer vehicle uptime. It also means the vehicle is efficient on fuel use. Having an integrated telematics and fleet maintenance system ensures you achieve greater vehicle availability and better fuel cost efficiency. 
  • Improved inspection – it is always important to schedule regular vehicle inspections. Any issues with the vehicles that have not been picked up by the ECM can be identified and recorded on the telematics system.

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