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Blog November 2020 Updated July 2023

How metal recyclers can proactively respond to changing markets

AMCS Recycling Software increases margins and reduces operational risks

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Evan Schwartz

Evan Schwartz

Chief Enterprise Architect, AMCS

AMCS Recycling Software increases margins and reduces operational risks

Not many industries face so many challenges as metal recyclers on a daily basis. They have to deal with the complex logistic recycling process, rapidly changing prices, and fluctuations in the global steel market. Respond quickly and with the flexibility to the new circumstances is a major precondition to increase and strengthen their competitive edge. Automating operational processes on all locations with an innovative end-to-end solution supports this by increasing growth and margins and reducing risk.

Metal recyclers supporting operational processes with paper trails have made their work cut out for them. Not only their daily tasks cost extra effort and time, but they also face a greater risk of making mistakes. Furthermore, information is never up to date, which, as a result, leaves them without current data about daily prices, work in progress, and the inventory at different locations. Without a contemporary overview for metal recycling companies, it is almost impossible to improve efficiency, this is an essential prerequisite to increase both turnover and margins and to minimize risks.

Digitization give recycling companies a competitive edge

For the German-based metal recycler, Kaatsch Recycling, paper-based operations are a thing of the past. "Although recycling itself is not a complicated process, it does involve synchronizing several complex processes", says CEO Ralph Wager. "We continuously map all of these processes at the six locations with the AMCS Recycling Software. This gives us a 360-degree view of the entire organization and lets us make constant adjustments."

Continuously optimizing processes is of the utmost importance, becomes apparent. It enables to provide customers with the greatest possible added value, which is one of the key drivers behind the metal recycling company's growth. "Smart software is an essential part of this", Wagner emphasizes. "I am convinced that digital processes and digitization will give recycling companies a competitive edge."

Operational insights enable quick responses for metal recyclers

The AMCS Recycling Software is an industry-specific end-to-end solution globally automating all the operations of metal recyclers. It already helps more than 600 recyclers worldwide to adapt to new market conditions with technologies designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the operation, while at the same time protecting margins.

The system is well thought out and very extensive, including amongst other things material quality and contamination, downtime of facilities, inventory management, supplier communication, safety, crime prevention, and multi-level price management, with the possibility to handle complex pricing structures and maintain flexibility around price changes.
The series of extensive functionalities of the metal recycling software is complemented by multiple mobile apps which run on any device to work remotely, such as for mobile weighing or mobile grading of the materials. The mobile app also provides additional features such as a close-up of the graded material, which is immediately available in the central system, including the photos linked to the corresponding transaction.

Enabling metal recyclers to respond quickly to the new circumstances

Complete transparency of the overall operation is one of the significant benefits metal recyclers can profit from by automating their operational processes with one single end-to-end solution, according to Martin Weber, Managing Director of AMCS Recycling Software in Germany.

“Companies at any location and at any time have real-time insights both in operations, financials and margins. “ Nowadays, more than ever, metal recyclers are faced with a series of challenges. The complex logistic recycling process, rapidly changing prices and fluctuations in the global steel market require companies to respond quickly and with the flexibility to the new circumstances.”

The end-to-end solution stands out in the market

Due to automating the entire metal recycling supply chain, the solution stands out in the market. “Metal recyclers unlock materials and add value before selling them”, says Conor Dowd, Head of Sales for Waste and Recycling Solutions for UK and Ireland at AMCS.

“Transparency all through the metal recycling supply chain is an important prerequisite to know at any time what the costs are of the purchased materials, processing them and what the best price is to sell them. For this, companies constantly need to be up-to-date both about the market prices and the raw, WIP, and finished stock. Therefore, the real-time tracking of materials makes the solution to stand out against any standard operational ERP system in the market.”

AMCS Recycling Software at the heart of the operation

For general manager Majid Arai of Holland Recycling, the advantage of the system is the ability to create a purchase or sales contract per transaction based on the framework agreements. “This means a truck can end up carrying 30 partial loads with 30 contracts. Immediately after a transaction is created the customers also receive a contract. This ensures clarity about matters such as the fraction, prices, and packaging, thus avoiding potential conflicts”, he explains.

“Another plus is that the system indicates when a contract is ‘full’. For example, when the 150 tonnes agreed upon is reached we arrange a new contract with the customer. This is a significant feature of the AMCS Recycling Software,” he emphasizes. “This is at the heart of Holland Recycling and is an essential condition for our company’s continuity.”

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