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Blog May 2021 Updated July 2023

Guided navigation saves costs and improves customer satisfaction

Digital routes guide the driver during waste collection

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Martijn Schimmer

Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

The knowledge of experienced drivers available for temporary or new drivers. This is one of the benefits of guided navigation that guides drivers through the pre-recorded routes, including voice prompts, instructions, and safety warnings. This is evident from a video that presales consultant Michael Nijland made, in which he also gives a demonstration of how guided navigation works in practice for the planner and the driver.

  • AMCS Guided Navigation guides the driver based on a pre-recorded route
  • The knowledge of experienced drivers is available for temporary or new drivers who can be quickly trained, thus saving collectors on costs
  • Continuity of service increases customer satisfaction because no more empties are missed
  • No costs for extra emptying of up to 45 euros per mini container. ”
  • Voice instructions for the driver increase road safety
  • Planning can track the routes live and afterward compare the actual route driven with the planned route

Collection route pre-recorded

What is the difference between guided navigation and A-to-B navigation, is the question to which Michael answers directly at the beginning of the video. Guided navigation is route navigation software. The mobile application on the car guides the driver during the execution of the orders on the basis of a pre-recorded route, ”he explains. “ On the digital map on his screen, the driver can see, for example, by the color of the route on which side of the road the containers must be emptied, at what point he is on the route and how the route continues. In addition, spoken instructions indicate when the driver should, for example, turn left and receive a warning when he approaches a school. ”

Compare the route driven with the planned route

The planner can record these instructions into the system in advance, it becomes clear. “Routes are pre-recorded with AMCS Guided Navigation. Optimized master routes can also be loaded from AMCS Route Planner. The planning can manage maps and routes in the meantime and adjust them where necessary, such as adding streets to a recently completed new housing development. During implementation, the planning can track routes live and afterward compare the actual route driven with the planned route. The driver's mobile application runs on any Android device and can also be used offline, for example, if the network is temporarily down. ”

Guided navigation contributes to road safety

Guided navigation is mainly used by waste collectors who empty door-to-door mini containers or for emptying containers on fixed routes, for example for customers with a company subscription. It provides collectors with several advantages, Nijland makes clear. “Guided navigation, for example, guarantees road safety through the built-in warning,” he mentions first. “Because routes are available digitally, there is also no need for double occupancy on the cars when training new drivers. The main advantage of this is that collectors save substantially on costs. A big advantage of this is that it means that the waste collection can continue without delay during illness or holidays. This not only guarantees the continuity of the service but above all also increases customer satisfaction because no more emptying of mini containers is missed. This also prevents unnecessary costs, moreover, for extra emptying, which can amount to up to 45 euros per mini container. ”

AMCS Platform

AMCS Guided Navigation runs as a standalone solution or integrated into AMCS Mobile Workforce, one of the six solutions from AMCS Platform. AMCS Platform offers a fully integrated and "end-to-end solution" for digitizing and automating all operational processes of waste collectors and processors, and recyclers of metal, paper, and plastic. Solutions include Enterprise Management, Intelligent Optimization, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle Technology, Digital Engagement, and AMCS Analytics. These industry-specific solutions are part of the AMCS Platform strategy, aimed at increasing sales and margins and improving the operational efficiency and sustainability of waste companies. AMCS lives up to those words with a product and development team of 200 people and an annual investment of 20% of total sales in product development.

AMCS Mobile is also available to existing AMCS customers

AMCS Mobile Workforce is one of the six solutions from the AMCS Platform. Each of the six solutions fits together seamlessly like a puzzle and offers the waste and recycling industry an end-to-end solution integrated into SaaS. Solutions, such as Intelligent (route) Optimization, the AMCS Customer Portal and Mobile

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