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Blog September 2021

Five Benefits of the new Request to Pay service with the AMCS Platform

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Conor Dowd Product Marketing Manager

Request to Pay (RTP) is a new payment service available from AMCS Platform designed to make bill paying easier and more convenient for your customers. Payment initiation links can be embedded on billing invoices, payment reminders, emails and SMS to a payee. The payee simply selects the initiation link, and they will be directed to a secure payment page to complete the transaction.

This process is fully automated within the AMCS Platform through its’ AMCS Pay, Customer Portal and Enterprise Management solutions.

1. Accelerates cashflow

RTP is proven to accelerate payment as payees find it convenient to make payments as soon as they receive the invoice or the reminder. This frictionless payment experience is designed to maximize conversion rates on payment request, thus accelerating cashflow.

2. Great customer experience designed to increase loyalty and advocacy

This frictionless payment experience to make payments will delight customers, thus increasing their loyalty and advocacy.

3. Reduces Collections administration effort and costs through automation

RTP means that payment requests to customers can be fully automated reducing overhead costs (effort of traditional outbound calls and emails associated with chasing payments).

All processed payments are automatically reconciled and matched with the relevant invoice, further reducing administration.

4. Increases security through increased PCI compliance

A client RTP request on a phone order allows the payment to be made directly by the payee without the staff member having sight of the payment details, reducing exposure and potential for misuse. It can convert mail and telephone orders into fully authenticated eCommerce transactions and protect your company from chargebacks.

5. Opens new electronic payment opportunities for your business

RTP offers flexibility and this was proven during the pandemic where it was used to accept in person payments without the payment card being exchanged and a payment terminal being presented to the payee.

RTP can be used for a wide variety of payment use cases outside conventional bill payments and telephone orders including replacing in person payments where it is not practical to provide your staff with a conventional Point of Sale terminal to accept payments. Instead, your staff can initiate an RTP link to be sent to the payee who could then complete the payment there and then on their mobile device.

This feature was particularly useful during the recent pandemic where the payee did not want to physically hand over their card or enter their details into a physical point of sale terminal.

This offers exciting potential opportunities to eliminate cash payments in scenarios such as your drivers accepting once off payments, scale house payments and other staff selling consumables in person to customers.

Request to Pay brings the point-of-sale to your customers homes, offices and events opening up new ways to transact business and accept payments without the requirement for a physical Point of Sale terminal.

Request to Pay can also be linked to email marketing campaigns and promotions.

Request to Pay is part of our AMCS Pay solution which provides an integrated and secure means of accepting payments (ACH and card payments) across multiple channels (eCommerce, Call Centre, IVR etc.).

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