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Blog July 2021 Updated July 2023

AMCS Platform Go Lives continue to build momentum across the globe.

Geoff Aardsma, New Vice President of Services AMCS in North America, talks about supporting customer project implementation in 2021

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Mark Kettles

Mark Kettles

Head of Product Marketing

Mark Kettles, Head of Product Marketing, is having a Q&A session with a recent new hire into the AMCS organization, Geoff Aardsma, who has joined as Vice President for services in North America, starting in February of this year.

Q: You’ve been in role for a couple of months now, tell us a little bit about your experience so far, which I know no doubt will be impacted given the current situation we find ourselves across the world.

A: My career has been focused on bringing digital tools and advancements to the waste and recycling industry, focusing on the sustainable management of our national natural resources. And so I’ve got a great passion for the critical role that the waste and recycling industry has with our communities and our economies. In our environment, so AMCS is giving me a great ability to truly impact the industry now, and I’m going to global scale so it’s been a fun first few months.

The pandemic has created some challenges, but you know AMCS has made the transition easy. You know there’s a great embrace of a digital working environment, so you know we’ve got a dedication to providing our customers with access to our global resources, training and really making AMCS accessible, so I found the transition to be really, really easy.

Q: Tell us a little bit more about you and your background
A: Yeah, I spent almost 10 years with Waste Management Inc. - In all aspects of the business, regulated waste, post collection, collection and spend a good amount of time working on sustainability programs, municipal and commercial, focusing on a lot of organic recycling initiatives in California. I spent the last five and a half years, prior to AMCS, with a technology start-up that focused on deploying IoT devices into waste containers, automating the optimization of collection resources, route optimization and business analytics. So they gave me a great insight into the ways that technology can really impact the day-to-day experiences of waste companies.

On a personal side, I live in Boston with my wife and we’ve got two young boys, we like to cook, garden, ski and go to the beach. So lots of opportunities for fun outside of work as well!

Q: Great to hear that you’re settling into life in AMCS, and so let’s start little bit more about the role itself and explore your goals for this really important position within the organization.

A: Really looking to just continue the focus that AMCS has on the achievement of our customers and we’re looking to do that in a way that will really minimize any disruption to their business. One of the key things that were pushing for is targeted delivery methodology that focuses on customer outcomes.

We’re looking to work with our customers in a transparent and collaborative manner that really creates a partnership between the two organizations, so when we create that level of partnership work, we’ve found a great level of success.

We’re looking beyond the software to understand and drive impact within our customers organizations, and we know that our customer's primary goal is to service their communities.

We’re looking to make sure that our delivery methodology safeguards our customers experience and elevates the work that they are so passionate about even more.

Q: As you mentioned, customer partnership is really critical and we are ultimately successful when our customers are successful and that’s a real focus for the whole organization. So tell us a little bit more than about some of the key plans and initiatives that you have with customers since he joined the organization and going through this year.

A: We’ve got three main areas that were truly looking to impact. The first is working to standardize delivery across all sizes of our customers. We work from everything from single-owner operator companies, small providers and haulers all the way up to some of the largest waste and recycling providers in North America and across the globe. So through this we’re looking to develop best practices across all of those customer segments, using our domain expertise to provide real value to their business...

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Q: So if we dig a little bit deeper and talk a little bit more about some of the projects and momentum that we have this year with the AMCS platform, maybe give us a little bit more of a understanding of that.

A: We're extremely busy in services and it reflects that momentum! Actually, momentum is our internal theme of the year. 
There are a lot of projects in flight – just under 100 in 2021 – some new customers and some existing customers upgrading to AMCS Platform – including our legacy platform customers that are coming up to our cloud based platform solution, as well as customer upgrades who are already on platform but taking advantage of the latest that we have to offer with a number of new feature releases this year. 
A recent example is a municipal services contract that needed to be up and running very quickly so we were able to get them live within a 45 day implementation It was a big win, great point of partnership, delivering on common goals.

Lots of new features and functionality in our first application release of 2021 in March and another version due for release in the summer, which is continuing to evolve the AMCS Platform capability for our customers.

Q: Is there anything else that you want to share with our customers looking forward?  

A:We are really looking to enable our customers to do what they do best. For me personally, I get really excited to see the environmental impact that our customers have and how we can help accelerate the results that they can carry through to their community. The AMCS Cloud-based platform can enable rapid transformation to a circular economy, juggle everything going on with variable markets, changing feedstocks, commodity types and regulations. We can help streamline those workflows and help customers focus on better output from their operations, increasing visibility and traceability throughout the value chain. 
Processors then understand better what's coming in, so that they can create better outputs, and that is something that's close to my heart - really reducing the carbon impact of our transportation services, optimizing routes and ensuring that we're minimizing the number of resources needed to collect materials across the waste industry.

Thanks for the chat today. It's great to have the opportunity to connect with you and share with our customers in this way. We look forward to hearing more about your work and all the great things that you’re doing throughout the rest of this year and beyond. 

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