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Blog February 2020 Updated April 2021

AMCS Mobile offers complete mobile order management solution

Digital order management is improving efficiency, cutting costs, and providing a better customer service

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

Digital order management is improving efficiency, cutting costs, and providing a better customer service

Getting the job done. Drivers using AMCS Mobile know what they are talking about. With their in-cab Android mobile device, they are handling all of their daily orders in real-time while on the road.  
For waste and recycling companies, going digital with order management processes means profiting from a series of benefits like increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving margins, and getting paid faster. Furthermore, because paperless operations reduce the impact on the environment, companies are also contributing to their own sustainable business goals as well as to a circular economy.

A paper-based system requires much more administration

Digitalization and paperless operations are opening a whole new world, both for waste collection and recycling companies and drivers. In a paper-based system, drivers are allocated their worksheet (list of collections) the morning of and they handwrite tickets on three-ply paperwork for each job as they complete the service. As a result, if a job has to be changed or a new job added to the route the office would need to call the driver.

This often results in a number of calls either because the driver is not always available and, if they are, they have to stop driving to note down the details. This is creating a risk of the driver being distracted while navigating their vehicle.

A paper-based system also makes it very hard to react quickly to changes in schedules or customer requests. In addition, any requests for copy tickets would require the original to be found, scanned or copied, and posted or emailed back out to the customer, which often delays the payment of invoices. All this is adding up to administration overheads and lacking efficiencies in the order management process.

A digital mobile order management solution

With a digital order management solution, the days of handling lots of paper both in-cab and back at the office are over. The AMCS Mobile Workforce solution (AMCS Mobile) is completely digitalizing the order management workflows of waste collection and recycling companies. All documentation and processes, from route sheets and the driver, debrief all the way through guided navigation and proof of service, are digitalized and strengthened with real-time data and service analytics.

AMCS Mobile offers a wide range of advantages; for instance, better control of orders and their fulfillment, real-time visibility of all the activities of the vehicle, and reduced revenue leakage as all work is recorded and full oversight of the fleet is available. One of the other major benefits is the low investment (TCO). Customers can expect a return on their investment in less than six months.

As a mobile solution, AMCS Mobile is incredibly user-friendly due to the smart user interface and design. For drivers, they are provided with an intuitive smart user experience that’s presenting them will all the necessary and relevant information they need to complete their orders or tasks. This is resulting in both satisfied customers and of course drivers. The design is truly supporting a faster-time-to-value of all new drivers by streamlining the onboarding process.

Seamless integration with back-office ERP system

AMCS Mobile does not require complex integrations; it integrates directly with the back-office software. Following easy configuration, the driver simply needs to log in to the application to access schedules, confirm work done, receive updates, capture collection information, provide proof of service, and enjoy an array of additional benefits to the order management process.

To support faster billing, at the location the customer can sign the order which is instantly updated in the back-office for immediate billing. This is automating a huge amount of previously manual and administrative tasks. With this, the paperless system has a very positive impact on the efficiency of the back office as less time is needed to talk to drivers on the phone thereby freeing up capacity for dispatchers and CSRs to get on with other tasks. This is a solution that drives cross-functional efficiencies.

Besides the real-time handling of, and the possibility of signing for orders, AMCS Mobile also provides features and functionality around container management, vehicle tracking, driver safety checks, time registration of vehicle personnel, and mileage. All digitally and in real-time. It is this digitalization that leads to companies creating efficiencies, increasing productivity, and cutting down administrative tasks, such as reducing double entry, fewer errors, and less administration for drivers, dispatchers, and also customer service representatives. AMCS Mobile is the solution that positively impacts companies' bottom line.

Real-time connectivity enabling oversight of order management process

The AMCS Mobile solution enables real-time connectivity with all drivers wherever they are. It provides constant oversight of the waste collection services, real-time and dynamic adjustments to the drivers’ daily schedules, real-time capture of customer collection information, and efficient, paperless management and tracking of the order management process. This is creating a more dynamic, agile, and productive operation.

Through the mobile android device, drivers are continuously connected to the dispatch and customer service representative teams who can follow the execution of orders in real-time enabling them to respond quickly to customer requests and service queries. This enables faster call resolution and handling of queries by the helpdesk as there is no need to call planners or drivers to check the status of a job. For instance, if an urgent job is called in the dispatcher can immediately send the order to the in-cab device of the driver who can instantly perform that extra collection or similarly unplanned task. This means quicker responses when fulfilling new orders while at the same time it provides an opportunity for companies to expand their margins within the order management process.

AMCS Mobile also available for legacy software customers

AMCS Mobile Workforce is one of the six solutions of the AMCS Platform. Each of the six solutions seamlessly fits like a jigsaw puzzle into each other, forming the unique end-to-end integrated SaaS solution for the waste and recycling industry. However, solutions like intelligent (route) optimization, the customer portal, and Mobile Workforce are also integrated into existing legacy software. This way all AMCS customers benefit from the innovative software solutions of AMCS Group.

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