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Blog February 2021 Updated May 2021

AMCS Groups next-gen customer support portal enables customers to use a self-service functionality to search knowledge base articles

The new AMCS customer support portal delivers a best in class support experience. This support tool will enable customers to use self-service functionality to search knowledge base articles, product documentation, view their support case metrics in real-time, and log tickets through the customer portal

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Conor Dowd

AMCS Director of Product Marketing

New Customer Support Portal continues to develop at speed.

“The new customer support portal delivers a best in class support experience. This support tool will enable customers to use self-service functionality to search knowledge base articles, product documentation, view their support case metrics in real-time, and log tickets through the customer portal”, says Ciara Barrett, Global Process Improvement Lead at AMCS Group. “It substantially saves time and enables our customers to inform their end-users on the spot, improving their customer service levels.”

Customer experience

AMCS are committed to delivering a more responsive and insightful customer experience in its Customer Support Portal. This is based on four key ideas:

1. Knowledge Base

The support tool now allows customers to use a self-service functionality to search for knowledge base articles, for example, product documentation, Maintenance and Feature Release documentation. Enterprise Management documents will be available for all customers.


Each article is embedded into the portal, including the latest feature and maintenance documentation as well as user guides.

Customers can provide feedback if they found the article useful by hitting the Thumbs up or Thumbs Down icon.

2. Project Management

Ability to view all ongoing project cases with your AMCS project manager, making it easier to navigate the user interface more intuitively.

3. A more User-friendly Dashboard

4. Instant case creation

Case Management will play an important role in delivering a fast customer service experience

Improving end-customer service levels

With this, the brand-new Customer Support Portal is improving end-customer service levels. The AMCS Group has now started to roll out the innovative portal which is an important component of AMCS Global Customer Support organization. Some of the core benefits for our customers are:

Extremely user-friendly & customer dashboard

The new dedicated Portal is a self-service support tool for AMCS customers to manage support cases and view case metrics. “With this, it provides customers with the most convenient way to submit, track and update support cases,” Ciara Barrett describes.

The new AMCS Customer Support Portal has a smart design, and, because of its natural user interface, it is incredibly user-friendly.

“All the information for customer enquiries and cases are available for that specific customer through a dashboard. The dashboard has a greatly improved multi-colour visualization which gives a clear overview of all customer cases” continues Ciara Barrett

After logging in with one click, the user can easily create a case and look into all the outstanding enquiries.

This is a significant improvement on the previous generation of AMCS' customer support portal, explains Ciara Barrett who, with an experienced international team of product developers, worked on the ‘next-generation customer support experience’.

“Customers can log into the Customer Support Portal and instantly create a case. The customer dashboard is showing the complete overview on just one screen, like the number of open cases and the cases closed by a period”, she points out.

Status enquiries available any time 24/7

“cases are categorised On the customer dashboard”, as she continues. “For example, by priority, backlog time and backlog status; which cases are with AMCS global customer support and which cases are with the customer itself. The AMCS support team could have gone back to the customer, for instance asking for more information, after which the status of the enquiry is then returned back to the customer. But the dashboard also shows the response time, which, depending on the priority of an enquiry indicates how quickly AMCS customer support responded to the customer.”

In addition to better visibility through the customer dashboard, the new customer support portal also provides the customer with the capability to export reports for their end customers based on a series of pre-set filters. “Customers can, for instance, filter on all open cases in priority three and export the data into an excel spreadsheet”, Barrett outlines. providing the possibility to pull down customer response reports is one of the other significant benefits of the new Customer Support Portal. “This feature greatly improves the service our customers can provide their end-users with up-to-date information enabling them to act on the status of the enquiry.” Ciara highlights.

Drive efficiencies into operations 
The new and improved Customer Support Portal is part of the AMCS Global Customer Support organization who provide technical expertise to thousands of waste and recycling operators around the clock and across the world. AMCS Group has a Global Customer Support team based in different locations; each team has the expertise and tools to enable engineers to track, update and resolve cases promptly.

AMCS support engineers are highly qualified and experienced, and undergo continuous product training, education and organizational support. The new Customer Support Portal contributes to that providing customers with an intuitive and professional service experience, according to Barrett, who concludes. “As a whole, the customer support platform offers better processes to support customers to drive efficiencies into their operations.”

The Customer Support Portal is currently being rolled out to thousands of customer around the globe

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