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Blog August 2023

AMCS Academy – Employee training drives efficiency, profitability, and employee growth and retention

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Gary Dietz

Product Marketing Manager - North America

Hiring and retaining workers is a common problem for waste management and waste hauling companies of any size. A 2022 survey from Lorman showed that organisations with poor onboarding processes are twice as likely to experience employee turnover -- and 89% of employees want training available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job. A recent BBN Times article exploring ways to improve efficiency and employee retention in the waste management industry identified two key solutions: implementing technology and investing in employee training and education programs.

Employee training shouldn’t be an afterthought – it’s core to the business

With these factors in mind, we believe environmental services industry leaders should work with a vendor that understands this. AMCS Academy is crucial to:

  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention, because hiring is expensive and you don’t want to lose good people
  • Providing the training your employees need to succeed in relatable business scenarios -- not merely in “click here” UI task training
  • Lowering support requirements because employees have access to bite-sized learning chunks

A realistic outcome

Imagine a 20-fold increase in the completion rate of essential training for your staff and supplying engaging video-based training to demonstrate real-world tasks-to-be-done. Employees showing off their certifications with LinkedIn badges. How would that drive employee effectiveness? Retention? Your bottom line?

In a metrics-driven world, imagine how completion rates like this will impact adoption and ROI for your software investment!

Training that is customer driven, just like our core AMCS Platform improvements

We’ve kept user feedback top-of-mind and completely revamped AMCS Academy to specifically address these issues and offer a technology and education solution that prioritizes user engagement first and foremost. The completely revamped AMCS Academy delivers:

  • A more engaging experience: new video-based content drives better results
  • A more informative approach: featuring narrative-driven, customer-focused content
  • Enhanced search: whether you need a short lesson or a full course, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Easy sharing: quickly share videos, courses, and learning paths with colleagues
  • Verifiable certifications: yours to print or share digitally via LinkedIn

We’ve restructured the learning experience, making it easier for customers to use, view, and engage with our newly released video content. Our new content was built with a focus on practical applications and uses for our strong portfolio of tools and products. You can view longer courses or shorter lessons and search for specific topics.

Users can easily see and access previously completed training modules and share this content with colleagues and employees. This is great news for both managers checking employee compliance training and employees understanding what education and training modules need to be completed. These lessons and courses are task-driven, and customers follow an engaging learning path for key topics, resulting in a better experience and prolonged user engagement.

In our testing phase, we’ve seen a 20-fold increase in completion rates. These completion rates are a direct marker of efficient training and can lead to increased employee retention. AMCS Academy is robust and comprehensive enough to be our internal employee training tool of choice, built for consumers to easily use it for their own employee training modules.

New and old partners, alike

Are you new to AMCS? AMCS Academy will take you through our introductory Learning Path to learn about everything AMCS has to offer for you and your company. Are you a current AMCS customer? Be sure to check out the new learning platform and video content.

Learn more about the new AMCS Academy by watching our video introduction to the platform.

Introducing AMCS Academy

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