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AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software: A CFO's Strategic Asset

Optimize your fleet's financial performance with AMCS Fleet Maintenance

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AMCS Fleet Maintenance Software: A CFO's Strategic Asset

We understand the unique challenges and goals Finance departments face in the transportation industry. You're always seeking ways to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive profitability. AMCS's fleet maintenance software is designed to manage all of your fleet data, including your shop’s parts, time and labor, and external spend, specifically with these objectives in mind.

Reduced Labor Costs & Enhanced Team Performance

Standardize and Publish maintenance tasks with our software, reducing  labor time.

The software captures the information needed to assess your team’s performance. Easy tools allow technicians to clock on and off from tasks and track indirect work time as well. With on-hand Standard Repairs and benchmarked standard work times, your shop can get more work accomplished and you can easily identify top performers and those who may need additional training.

Using  our app for technician could reduce your labor cost by up to $6000 per year per technician  by providing all information required at their fingertips to complete their task and record parts used. No need to hand-key work orders after the work is done. This brings the added benefit of better data quality by validating the input in real-time, and eliminating transcription errors.

Enhanced Financial Management & Cost Efficiency

Our software identifies potential issues before they escalate into costly problems. By preventing expensive repairs or replacements, you can significantly reduce your operational costs.

AMCS Fleet Maintenance supports your full GL coding structure and chart of accounts. Every financial transaction is tagged with GL debits and credits as appropriate, making the data "finance ready" for your business system. Our software eliminates the need for a layer of Excel between your fleet and finance systems.

Inventory Management

Our intuitive global parts system simplifies parts management helps identify ideal stocking levels as parts get consumed by the shop. Many customers find that they can immediately reduce inventory cost by 30% or more.

AMCS Fleet Maintenance will also automatically flag any work on an asset which is potentially covered by an OEM, aftermarket, or parts warranty. A claim will automatically be created and your team will be guided through the resolution workflow including applying the credit. All warranty cost recovered reduces your net maintenance spend and goes straight to your bottom line.

Real-time Reporting and Integration

Make informed decisions with our software's real-time, deep reporting and analytics. It can also integrate with other business software, providing a holistic view of your company's operations.

Maintain accurate and easily accessible maintenance history for each vehicle. This feature not only aids in efficient fleet management but also helps in accurate tax reporting.

See how AMCS Fleet Maintenance Solutions help streamline fleet management for Finance Teams

You want the best possible, most efficient and profitable fleet on the street. AMCS Fleet Maintenance’s software features and reports provide everything your company needs to operate at peak performance.

How Fleet Maintenance Software can save your business

Tax Benefits

Enjoy potential tax benefits by lowering operational costs which can increase net income, potentially reducing your company's tax liability. Accurate record-keeping is essential for tax reporting, and our software provides clear, detailed records of maintenance costs, useful for tax deductions related to business expenses.

Sustainability Objectives

Many businesses are looking to reduce fuel usage and lower their carbon footprint. A well-maintained fleet will contribute positively to sustainability objectives through reduced fuel & fluid usage and longevity of parts and tires  AMCS also offers route optimization tools that will avoid road closures, minimize left-hand turns, and more.

Operational Efficiency

Our software mitigates unexpected asset downtime or breakdowns, the enemies of smooth, predictable, and profitable operations. With solid preventive maintenance programs, downtime is minimized, saving costs. Preventive maintenance is a quarter of the cost of reactive repair.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant effortlessly. Our software ensures that your maintenance is done on time and that you have all the documentation necessary to show that your vehicles meet regulatory standards, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.

Accurate Record Keeping

By enforcing guardrails and validating at the time of input, data errors are minimized, and you can be confident in your reporting and analytics. AMCS Fleet Maintenance also allows integration with any business system through our API to avoid costly and error-prone manual operations.

Extended Fleet Lifespan & Increased Safety

Extend the lifespan of your vehicles with regular, well-managed maintenance. This results in long-term cost savings and improved safety by preventing vehicle failures that could lead to costly accidents and insurance claims.

Resale Value

You can maximize your vehicles' resale value by presenting the proof that all regular maintenance was performed on time. Know when it is optimal to perform work on the vehicle versus sell - leading to significant cost savings over time.

Secure Data

With AMCS, your data is safely hosted in our highly secure cloud within Microsoft Azure, keeping it safe from cyber-attacks or ransomware.

Invest in AMCS's Fleet Maintenance Software

AMCS's Fleet Maintenance software is more than a tool; it's a strategic asset that can drive significant financial, sustainable, and productivity benefits for your organization. As a CFO, investing in our solution can help you make data-driven decisions, improve your bottom line, and enhance your company's overall financial health.

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