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waste + recycling

AMCS delivers smart, SaaS solutions for the waste and recycling industry. Boosting productivity across waste management, materials recycling, trading and export.

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an integrated approach for end-to-end efficiency

AMCS Platform is a cloud-based software platform providing streamlined, scalable solutions to automate, connect and digitize activities in the waste and recycling industry.

Combining industry-specific functionality, sophisticated e-commerce solutions and innovative on-vehicle technologies, our integrated waste management and recycling software helps you optimize all areas of your business.

Seamlessly uniting your data and processes on a single, flexible platform to drive efficiency, improve customer service and boost profitability in the emerging circular economy.

software solutions

waste management & recycling ERP software

The AMCS Platform is an intelligent ERP software platform designed to help waste and recycling companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and embrace greater automation.

enterprise management software

A complete Enterprise Management solution designed to increase profit and boost productivity for waste and recycling companies.

metal recycling software

Flexible ERP solutions designed to boost digitalization. Helping scrap metal recyclers worldwide to increase agility and embrace new business opportunities.

route optimization software

AMCS Route Optimization delivers effective route planning for enhanced efficiency and lower fuel costs.

vehicle technology

Intelligent vehicle technologies designed to cut costs and improve collection efficiency.

scale house weighing

Intelligent scale house weighing software designed to collect, monitor, and manage weight data for a more productive and efficient landfill, transfer or recycling facility.

driver operated weighbridge terminal

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) supports cost-effective, unmanned scale house operation using RFID authentication.

grading and quality evaluation

The AMCS Grading and Quality software is designed to simplify quality management and boost profitability.

customer service portal

A smooth-running customer service portal built to maximize self-service, boost customer satisfaction, and cut call center costs.

payment software

AMCS Pay enables your customers to pay for services quickly, 24/7, how they want to pay. From customer self-service to accounts payables and receivables.

route planner

For day-to-day planning, master routes and what-if scenarios, AMCS Route Planner delivers tools for increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

fleet maintenance

AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution enhances productivity at every level, saving your business costs and time.

AI material contamination & overfilled detection

AMCS Vision AI is an artificial intelligence-driven solution designed to digitize images of materials to identify contamination and provide operators with automated insights. Plus, reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers.

fixed asset maintenance

AMCS Field Services is the leading fixed asset management software enabling complex operations to perform the right work, at the right time and place, for the right reasons.

EHSQ management

Increase your efficiency, compliance and safety for a sustainable future—with AMCS EHSQ Management, a proven system for every industry.

Complete ESG software

Bring your ESG vision to life with the AMCS Sustainability Platform. Helping you automate reporting, engage with stakeholders, and simplify ESG data management.

oil & lubricant analysis

AMCS Sample Pro, Powered by Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, is the ultimate oil testing and health check for your assets.

fleet telematics

AMCS Telematics delivers intelligent, data-based fleet management solutions for all vehicle types.

how will AMCS Platform help my business?

Improve margins

Increase your revenue with enhanced visibility and control. Providing effective decision support to optimize your margins and manage pricing for increased profitability.

Boost productivity

Digitize and automate manual processes to eliminate paper and facilitate data sharing across your organization. Delivering new insight to drive efficiencies and create value.

Facilitate growth

Grow your business and adapt quickly to changing industry conditions with a system that supports multi-company, multi-depot, multi-currency, and multi-lingual applications.

I absolutely love using the AMCS Platform, because it makes my life so much easier. I went from detailed paperwork and excel worksheets to this, it’s been a blessing."

Alzeda Peach, Finance Coordinator, kmG Hauling

scale your business with performance sustainability

Let AMCS show you how to optimize for efficiency, increase your profits, and grow your business.

a complete waste management and recycling solution

Our purpose-built software provides an end-to-end solution for all kinds of waste management processes, from municipal collections to complex metal and plastics recycling.

Mobile workforce and in-vehicle technology streamline daily operations while optimized route planning improves productivity. Combine this with inspection, weighing and cost tracking tools for an integrated solution covering the whole waste management and recycling process.

With expert automation at every step, from pick-up to final sale, AMCS Platform helps you increase efficiency, providing the visibility and control to drive savings and boost profitability as you transition towards sustainability.

industries we serve

waste brokerage

AMCS waste brokerage software improve visibility, increase control, and boost trading margins for waste brokers.

municipal waste

AMCS offers a complete municipal waste management system solution including collections, route planning & customer support. Request a demo to learn more.

commercial & industrial waste management

Gain visibility and control on the key metrics that drive the profitability of your routes.

construction & demolition

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Construction & Demolition activities, waste collection services, managing transfer stations, recycling activities, landfills and support material trading.


AMCS recycling software is a complete solution that covers inbound management, material grading and trading.

metal recycling

AMCS metal recycling software support companies regain control of their recycling business by simplifying the complex through digitalization.

paper recycling

AMCS’ paper recycling software provides enhanced operational visibility, improved efficiency, and greater agility. Request a demo today.

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) software

AMCS Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) software improve visibility, increase efficiency, and drive sustainability in the circular economy.

plastic recycling

AMCS plastic recycling software helps businesses improving quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive sustainability.

waste management and recycling software resources



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success stories

city of berkeley



Number of residents


Green-lights AMCS Platform to unify and modernize Zero Waste efforts

B&M Waste Services




Annual turnover

B&M transitioned to AMCS Cloud-based Platform for their enterprise system to allow them to meet their customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible as the company continues to grow.



Faster billing



From a more traditional waste collector, meerlanden has developed into an innovative waste collector and processor that also deprives municipalities of the integral management of public space. They value waste streams by using them as raw materials as much as possible, thus contributing to a cleaner environment. In the past few years, we had to innovate. This has led to the construction of a fermentation plant used in 2011. With this installation, the energy present in the GFT waste is converted into biogas which is upgraded to green gas. This innovation has taken the first step in creating a regional circular economy.

TJ Waste




In reviews

TJ Waste & Recycling serves both commercial and domestic customers with a range of waste collection, recycling, and disposal solutions in the South East of the UK. The company operates a fleet of 23 skip vehicles as well as a network of strategically located Materials Recovery Facilities

Municipality Groningen


Satisfied drivers



With over 200 trucks, 40 Ravo sweepers, and 20 tractors, Municipality Groningen employs almost 700 trustworthy workers in the midst of the Groningen community. Richard Bakker, Groningen Operations: “IT plays a key role at Municipality Groningen. It is impossible to imagine working without the various software applications from the AMCS platform. For more than 20 years, we have been loyal users of their software and we know how to get the best out of it. It has brought us many benefits. It is something you no longer consciously think about as it has become a normal part of the job.



Operates across


Enva is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies with 10 sites across Scotland and the North of England. Enva is a leading provider of waste management and resource recovery solutions and operates across 30 facilities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, employing over 1500 people. The company fuses unparalleled industry experience with the latest technologies to deliver innovative recycling and resource management solutions. AMCS Enterprise Management drives significant operational efficiencies and costs savings at Enva.



Collections per route


Stars in reviews

AES is a leading provider of waste management and recycling services in Ireland. The collection routes used to be planned by the drivers, resulting in inefficient routes, missed bins, and dissatisfied customers. AES decided to buy AMCS' Route Planner. Transport optimization is performed with Route Planner, resulting in spectacular cost savings and highly improved customer service.

ALBA Group




Customer collection points

With its two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – and a total of about 7,500 employees, ALBA Group operates within Germany, Europe, and Asia. With an annual turnover of approx. 1.8 billion euros (2016) ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide

TFC Recycling




Recyclable materials

TFC Recycling is a family-owned business, based in Chesapeake, Virginia. Founded in 1971, the company has been collecting and processing recyclables for over 40 years and has grown to two main locations (Chesapeake and Chester) becoming the largest recycling company in VA, which processes about 200,000 tons of recyclable materials per year.

Recycling is the future and for that you need a good software partner

Lang Recycling




Reduced warehouse inventory

Lang Recycling stands for smart solutions in the field of metal recycling. They offer our customers from industry to medium-sized businesses, individual disposal concepts and implement these through carefully planned processes. In this way, they offer their customers added value and at the same time protect the environment.

SUEZ, Recovery & Recycling




Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

The global waste collection activities of SUEZ R&R have an annual value of one billion euro. Previously, the operational waste logistics with more than 11,000 vehicles on the road was generally decentralized without the support of a route planning system. Therefore SUEZ decided to implement route optimization globally.

Kaatsch Recycling


CO₂ savings


Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

For more than 70 years, the family-run Kaatsch Group has been committed to taking a proactive approach to the unique challenges of the waste disposal and recycling industry. Kaatsch currently operates six recycling companies with 200 employees and an annual turnover of around 160 million euros. In fact, recent studies showed that what Kaatsch does daily generates a savings of about 1.1 million tons of CO₂ annually.

Karle Recycling




Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

Karle Recycling is a medium-sized disposal group with 200 employees. In their parent company Karle-Recycling deals with complete waste disposal, services, but mostly scrap metal. The AMCS/Recy solution is the heart of our operations and important for Karle Recycling. They improve all our processes in this solution.

scale your business with performance sustainability

Let AMCS show you how to optimize for efficiency, increase your profits, and grow your business.