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Enterprise Management - ERP software

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Waste Management and Recycling Software

Open your eyes to greater profit and productivity with our globally acclaimed Enterprise Management (ERP) systems. We have automated hundreds of back-offices for clients around the world with our single platform approach. Join them in getting your primary business processes ready for the future. It is now more important than ever. Especially when continuity is on top of your list of most essential goals.

The heart of your business

AMCS Enterprise Management is more than an ERP solution.  It is the heart of the AMCS platform. And the backbone of your automated business. With a single platform, it scales from medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. It covers the full waste management process. With end-to-end integrated solutions. From input to output. We also manage your assets and resources, and standardise your processes and legal compliance. Resulting in benefits like operational savings and efficiency, reduced call centre costs, better customer experience and improved cash flow.

Fully future proof

We provide seamless integration with other components, based on developments around the world. We invest heavily in our global development team to tailor our services to waste management. This unique approach results in solutions that are future proof, robust, always available and perform consistently.


With our end-to-end waste management software, you gain the advantage of our industry insights, long-standing expertise, and the advantage of our best practise business model.

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Business Drivers

Revenue assurance and margin optimisation

Are you sure you invoice all the services you provide? With no revenue leakage? Read more

Revenue assurance and margin optimisation

Are you sure you invoice all the services you provide? With no revenue leakage? Not everyone with a multi-depot business can answer “Yes”. By automating all manual processes, AMCS Enterprise Management software will help you optimise your margins and manage your pricing. Higher margins are achieved by our decision support and tools. For instance, when container collection is more profitable on specific days. Increase your revenue by using central control and visibility of data to monitor your business performance.

AMCS ERP software offers effective systems to manage profitable solutions. With flexible price-indexation margins that are constantly and automatically optimized. Even better, you always know what margin you make per order.

Enjoy better cash flow and speed up billing. At all times. AMCS Enterprise Management software manages billing and accounting automatically. A wide range of advance billing and post-adjustment billing options help you make better decisions. At all levels. Ensuring your margins are always maintained.

Process standardisation

The AMCS Enterprise Management standard business template and governance model are multi-company, multi-depot, multi-currency and multilingual. Read more

Process standardisation

They also provide ‘regional coloring’ to satisfy both local needs and the roll-up of results to regional or central levels.

Establish standard KPIs and unified metrics across your businesses.  Compare your businesses to your operations, and the performance across lines of businesses— multiple depots, trucks, post collection sites, etc.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and replace various legacy systems that make it hard to consolidate metrics
  • Use AMCS’s best practise process model for waste industry as the industry benchmark
  • Be compliant with local financial and waste directives
  • Benefit from central control and visibility of data and business performance.
  • Contribute to higher margins with decision support/tools

Resource and asset optimisation

Optimise your margins around your assets. To help you ensure effective usage of resources, we help you drive greater efficiency. Read more

Resource and asset optimisation

If your containers and not moving, you are missing margins out there. You want a system that can identify the slow-moving assets. If you standardise your processes, it is a lot easier to regionalize or centralise cost savings. And optimise your margins around your assets. To help you ensure effective usage of resources, we help you drive greater efficiency. This includes everything from invoicing and accounts receivable, to accounts payable, call centres and dispatching.

Effective use of resources:

  • Bulk up of data for sales purposes and better margins
  • Bin management, staff management, truck management and route management

Business digitalisation

We have digitised our business to serve our customers with greater insights and speed of service. Read more

Business digitalisation

Complete insights

We have digitised our business to serve our customers with greater insights and speed of service. Digital documents and digital waste transfer notes are shared centrally by our web portal or e-mail. By working digitally, we get rid of all those pieces of paper. End-customers can access their accounts online, view billing history, make service requests, select billing options, sign up for auto-pay and pay bills.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is further improved by our call centre with its digital customer overview of activities and real-time data. All questions can be answered 24/7.

Scalable cloud architecture

Our scalable software has been proven by thousands of waste and recycling customers across the globe. Read more

Scalable cloud architecture

Proven scalable and agile cloud architecture

Your system needs to grow with change. Like the movement from waste to resources. Keep ahead of the game. Our scalable software has been proven by thousands of waste and recycling customers across the globe. Using a single system and database, AMCS ERP supports multi-company, multi-depot, multi-currency, multi-lingual applications.

All data are securely transmitted, so your customer’s data are always safe. Access to portal views and functionality is configurable using security settings— data encryption, authorisation, login (single sign on). Our licensing models also create predictable and recurring revenue streams.


We understand that legislation changes while governments promote recycling and the industry is moving to a circular economy. Read more


Companies in the Waste & Recycling industry are bound to strict rules and regulations. National and local governments are implementing waste directives. We understand that legislation changes while governments promote recycling and the industry is moving to a circular economy. Helping you to stay current and compliant is a major driver of the AMCS ERP system.

The AMCS platform supports:

  • National & international waste directives
  • (Digital) Waste Transfer Notes
  • Multi-legislation support
  • European Waste Catalogue (EWC)
  • Duty of Care
  • Landfill tax administration
  • Hazardous Waste directives & reporting
  • Waste collection reporting
  • Waste & raw material related export documents
  • Fiscal & financial compliance

AMCS Enterprise Management (ERP) covers an extensive range of business processes:

Total coverage

With one system, our waste management software covers the complete value and supply chain. From waste collection, waste production and treatment, to recycling, commodity sales and landfill. We service all markets, for municipal waste collection, commercial collection and hazardous collection (oil, gas and chemicals).


AMCS offers customers outsourced deployment models for its suite of waste and recycling software. AMCS Cloud is an industry-leading cloud service where AMCS solutions are deployed on Tier 1, high availability cloud AMCS infrastructure.

This cloud-based deployment option is suitable for waste and recycling operators who do not want the IT-related overheads including hardware and people required for ongoing support, upgrades, training and maintenance.  The standard AMCS solutions are deployed in an efficient manner allowing operators to focus on their core business without having to invest in non-core competencies. Operators can be live on the system within four weeks of initiation.

Success Stories



Faster billing



From a more traditional waste collector, meerlanden has developed into an innovative waste collector and processor that also deprives municipalities on the integral management of public space. They value waste streams by using them as raw materials as much as possible, thus contributing to a cleaner environment. In the past few years we had to innovate. This has led to the construction of a fermentation plant used in 2011. With this installation, the energy present in the GFT waste is converted into biogas which is upgraded to green gas. This innovation has taken the first step in creating a regional circular economy.

Read more

Municipality Groningen


Satisfied drivers


With over 200 trucks, 40 Ravo sweepers and 20 tractors, Municipality Groningen employs almost 700 trustworthy workers in the midst of the Groningen community. Richard Bakker, Groningen Operations: “IT plays a key role at Municipality Groningen. It is impossible to imagine working without the various software applications from the AMCS platform. For more than 20 years, we have been loyal users of their software and we know how to get the best out of it. It has brought us many benefits. It is something you no longer consciously think about as it has become a normal part of the job.

Read more



Collections per route


Stars in reviews

AES is a leading provider of waste management and recycling services in Ireland. The collection routes used to be planned by the drivers, resulting in inefficient routes, missed bins, and dissatisfied customers. AES decided to buy AMCS' Route Planner. Transport optimisation is performed with Route Planner, resulting in spectacular cost savings and highly improved customer service.

Read more






Omrin is the Frisian word for recycle. Our passion is ultimately also recycling. We have ambitions in the field of circular economy, inclusive society, innovation and connectivity. Omrin collects waste for more than 180,000 households and more than 7,000 companies.

Read more

Lang Recycling




Reduced warehouse inventory

Lang Recycling stands for smart solutions in the field of metal recycling. They offer our customers from industry to medium-sized businesses, individual disposal concepts and implement these through carefully planned processes. In this way, they offer their customers added value and at the same time protect the environment.

Read more

TFC Recycling




Recyclable materials

TFC Recycling is a family-owned business, based in Chesapeake, Virginia. Founded in 1971, the company has been collecting and processing recyclables for over 40 years and has grown to two main locations (Chesapeake and Chester) becoming the largest recycling company in VA, which processes about 200,000 tons of recyclable materials per year.

Read more

Additional Solutions

Contract Management

Increase competitiveness, revenue, market share and margin

Read more

Grading and Quality Evaluation

Improving the inbound grading and quality evaluation process

Read more

AMCS Weighbridge

AMCS Weighbridge interfaces with your weighbridge to provide real-time, reliable and accurate information for each individual job. It enables you to track all incoming and outgoing material at the weighbridge including both scheduled jobs and on-site gate arrivals. This information is the cornerstone of both the accounting and environmental departments within your business.

Read more
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AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for recycling, material trading and (international) export of raw materials.

Construction & Demolition

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Construction & Demolition activities, waste collection services, managing transfer stations, recycling activities, landfills and support material trading.

Municipal Waste Software Solutions

AMCS enables our Municipal customers to extract maximum value from the available budgets by driving efficiency through route optimisation, container asset management and real time visibility of the collection service progress.

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Optimizing your Cyber Security - How vital is IT Architecture?

AMCS Chief Enterprise Architect, Evan Schwartz, explains the importance of optimizing your Cyber Security on IT architecture to prevent cyber attacks that can result in significant reputational damage and costs.


The cloud isn’t just vital for your business continuity, it is more sustainable too

The Cloud has helped many recycling and waste management businesses ride out the Covid storm by enabling remote working during the pandemic. These companies could continue to provide their services to municipal and commercial customers because customer service representatives, planners, and other office members were able to work from home.


The 5 Biggest Computer Vision Trends In 2022

Computer vision (sometimes called machine vision) is one of the most exciting applications of artificial intelligence.

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AMCS Connectivity Brochure

Learn how AMCS Connectivity provides waste and recycling organizations with secure and reliable integration services of processes and data between AMCS Platform and on-premise, cloud, and third-party applications including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Visma, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and others.

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