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Fuel Distribution

Improving Efficiency Within Oil, Gas and Petrol Distribution

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Knowing vs. guessing

Without full visibility into your operations, you can only make educated guesses about what you need to do. Of course, experience will guide you, but it’s still no replacement for actually knowing what’s happening, as it happens, why it’s happening and what actions you need to take.

Picture a body of water – an ocean. You can see waves and anything floating on top of the water. Perhaps you even see fish just below the surface. But what’s happening beyond that? You can’t see the biodiversity and interactions taking place. You don’t know why, for example, fish are swimming near the surface, if a predator has driven them there or if they have come to the top to feed on plankton and smaller fish.

You can guess at what’s happening and why, but you’ll never really know unless you dive into the water yourself or send technology into the depths to report back to you. Which brings us back to your company.

Looking beyond the surface

Digitalisation is the technology that enables you to look beyond the surface – to look deeper and see everything going on in your operations, enabling you to be agile. Yet according to a 2018 report by Deloitte, the downstream oil and gas industry has yet to adopt a digital mindset. “Random acts of digital” are commonplace, but that’s not digitalisation.

Digitalisation integrates every aspect of your business, from the tankers to planning and from administration to real-time delivery updates and reporting. You can view your operations from every angle and automate your processes. This is about giving you full visibility into operations. That’s the beauty of digitalisation. You can see what’s happening in real time and just as importantly, why it’s happening.

Digitalisation makes critical information accessible for different stakeholders, both internally and externally. Customers can have visibility into their accounts by viewing their current and past orders through specialty web portals. Customer service can access drivers and dispatchers while management can pull up accurate and detailed reports.

Full visibility enables you to identify exactly what process works and what doesn’t, acting accordingly. With AMCS Fuel Planner and suite of modules designed for the industry, you can take on the challenges you face and come out on top. Our customers report reducing the number of vehicles they put on the road by up to 15%. They reduced planning time by up to 75%. And these are just a few advantages they’ve realised with AMCS technologies.

Take control: webinars and blogs to help you get there

Explore the content we’ve prepared to help you take your company beyond the ordinary. We’re experts in the fuel distribution industry and the best-practice processes and technologies that can not only make you more competitive but put you on top. In a business where margins are continually squeezed, gaining full visibility into your operations has never been more important.



Webinar on demand: Downstream Fuel distribution

Watch this webinar on demand to learn more about AMCS Fuel Planner and solutions to these challenges in the fuel distribution industry.


Downstream Fuel distribution

Increase agility without increasing costs


Webinar on Demand: Embracing technology to increase the efficiency of your recycling operation

How can we mitigate the impact of Covid on our company? Find out how AMCS Platforms features can help your recycling business become more profitable and more efficient through trying times.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

AMCS Fuel Planner is a revolutionary standardized system developed specifically to optimize the distribution of liquid fuel through efficient automatic planning and optimization facilities.

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Fuel Distribution Industry Guide

Digital disruption is changing the rules of the game for margin improvement

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Challenges in Downstream Oil & Gas Distribution

And how innovative technology can help you address them. When talking about the oil & gas industry, one typically distinguishes between the following three segments: upstream


The agile fuel distributor: how to up your game

To use rigid processes is to work in a sequential order of tasks. As you work, you tick the boxes. Orders. Forecasting. Optimisation. Lifting. Delivering. Cash. In other words, business as usual.


How reducing operating costs can reduce your carbon footprint

If you could put fewer vehicles on the road without sacrificing your bottom line, not only would you lower your carbon emissions, you’d also lower your operating costs. That’s an intriguing notion and presents a win-win all around.

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AMCS Fuel Planner is a leading and advanced standard system developed specifically to optimize the distribution of liquid fuel through efficient automatic planning and optimization facilities.

The system has a high level of industry-specific functionality and configuration options, making it highly capable of handling planning and distribution for gas stations as well as industrial and private customers.

The system covers the entire planning process, including operational planning and scheduling, execution in real-time, delivery of operational data for follow-up, and what-if scenarios.

Selection of industry-related functionalities

  • Overview of actual compartments on truck and hanger as well as automatic compartment load planning
  • Option of automatic cutdown of order sizes to fit according to compartments and route optimization
  • Update of actual vehicle stock level per compartment (volume and weight) as trips are executed
  • Overview of specific tanks (e.g. at gas stations), generation of replenishment orders the expected consumption rate, and next dry running as well as automatic
  • Automatic forecasting for specific tanks, based on historical data and either manual or automatic VMI (dipstick) measuring of tank level
  • Master data on home and source depots (addresses, opening hours, product types, capacity, qualifications, etc.)
  • Ability to balance costs of lifting products at source depots (in case of external source depots and different cost profiles) against transportation costs during automatic planning
  • Decision support regarding which route to take based on ADR rules and what is presently on the truck
  • Prioritization of orders in terms of distribution costs versus service demands (time windows and customer priority)
  • Visibility across ERP/order-receiving, fuel depots, VMI, gauging, and on-board computer system
Major benefits

AMCS Oil Planner is an advanced IT system, which enables companies to improve operational efficiency significantly and achieve major savings in transport costs.

  • Reductions in COemissions, mileage, and driving time of 5-20%
  • Reduction of 5-10% in the number of vehicles
  • Significantly improved customer service and visit accuracy
  • 25-75% less time spent on planning and resource rostering
  • 30-60% less time spent on registration, reporting, administration, and follow-up
  • Optimized workflow and business processes through integrated IT systems
  • Considerably increased employee satisfaction due to a stress-free planning and order entry environment

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Fuel Planner Brochure

Improving efficiency and improve margins in the Downstream Fuel Industry

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