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Waste Management (Resources)

A cloud-based platform supporting waste management companies to work smarter. Helping you boost productivity, automate for efficiency, and increase digitization.

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One platform for streamlined waste management

AMCS Platform is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based software platform delivering smart, scalable, solutions to the waste management industry.

Designed to optimize all your business processes, AMCS Platform increases efficiency, driving both automation and digitization. Enabling waste and recycling companies to reduce costs and increase productivity.

This flexible platform delivers:

Equipped with intelligent software that predicts and actions, waste companies are empowered to lead in the transition to a circular economy.

How will AMCS Platform help my business?

Revenue Assurance

Optimize your margins and manage pricing to improve profitability. Read more

Revenue Assurance

Increase your revenue with enhanced data visibility and central control, achieving higher margins by automating all manual processes.

Enjoy better cash flow and faster billing with automated accounting features such as advance and post-adjustment billing. Optimized price-indexation also ensures you know your margins for every order.

AMCS Enterprise Resource Planning software helps you monitor business performance, with effective decision support to adjust margins and manage pricing for increased profitability.

Scalable Architecture

Grow your business and adapt quickly to changing industry conditions. Read more

Scalable Architecture

AMCS Enterprise Resource Planning software supports multi-company, multi-depot, multi-currency, and multi-lingual applications using a single system.

Secure data transmission keeps customer information safe with configurable access and strong security settings including data encryption, authorization, and single sign-on login.

Our licensing models create predictable and recurring revenue streams. Equipping you to manage your database effectively, using a system that will grow with your needs.

Business Digitization

Increase efficiency with digital functionality that supports end-customer self-service. Read more

Business Digitization

Digital operations deliver a faster service and provide key insights into your business to increase productivity.

End-customers can access their account online, view their billing history, make service requests, select billing options, sign-up for auto pay, or pay bills on-line. Any documentation or waste transfer notes are shared centrally via the web portal or by email.

With a digital overview of activity and access to real-time data, our call center ensures all questions can be answered 24/7.

AMCS Platform Customers

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Demand Planning

Effective demand planning is about ensuring a continuous supply of material over a period to meet production needs. It’s an equation, looking to match the supply with the demand and at the right time.

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Driver Assisted Terminal

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) is a self-service optimal weighing experience that supports unmanned weighbridge operations, reduces operating costs and mitigates risk.  

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Contract Management

Increase competitiveness, revenue, market share and margin

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Waste Management Industries we serve

Here are some examples of the Waste Management industries we work with. Click on the relevant industry below to learn more about how AMCS solutions can improve your business efficiency.

Waste Brokerage

Automation, visibility, and control to grow your trading margins

Construction & Demolition

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Construction & Demolition activities, waste collection services, managing transfer stations, recycling activities, landfills and support material trading.

Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Gain visibility and control on the key metrics that drive the profitability of your routes. C&I waste companies need agility to respond to ever-changing conditions. Becoming agile means embracing a digital transformation, not partially, but all the way.

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Let us show you what AMCS Platform can do for you!

The market-leading enterprise-grade software platform that helps improve your overall operational efficiency

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Newsweek Article: Irish software on the frontline of the circular economy

Technological capacity and a bold growth strategy have assured software solutions provider AMCS of a leading position in the global environmental, waste, recycling, and resource industries.


Millennials and the Future of our Environment

Millennials are fast becoming the most talked about generation. According to the World Economic Forum, they currently make up around 23% of the world population, making them the largest adult cohort worldwide. With a spending power of over $1 trillion in the US alone, it’s little wonder that this generation is getting noticed. What they buy (and how they buy it) will shape the economy. But as Millennials dispose of the items they purchase, we ask ‘what impact will Millennials have on the waste industry?’


Livestock Transportation and Customer Service Levels

EU legislative framework aims to ensure the welfare of live animals during transport. You must take care to avoid injury and undue suffering of the animals, following specified requirements. This includes fitness of the animals, loading densities, journey and resting times, availability of water and food, transport organisation and requirements that the driver must meet. Your customers expect their haulers to meet those obligations. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines, which vary across member states, from €25,000 in Germany to €2,000 – €13,000 in Denmark¹. The damage to a haulier’s reputation puts their business in jeopardy, with customers pulling their business to look for responsible transporters. And that’s where you come in.

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