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Route optimization solutions for efficient operations across a variety of industries that are facing complex logistic challenges

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Improving your customer experience

Years of experience in the field have given AMCS the expertise to target optimization solutions for specific industries like waste, Building Materials, Fuel Distribution or any sector where logistics isn’t cut and dry.

Through many years, AMCS has serviced companies within a variety of industries with our leading and advanced standard systems. AMCS’ industry-specific systems are based on detailed knowledge about the industries to which we deliver. This insight has been acquired through years of collaboration with leading companies within the industries in question.

The systems have a high level of industry-specific functionality and configuration options, making them highly capable of handling all relevant and core processes. We constantly strive to meet our clients’ needs by identifying how our system is best configured for your company, thereby helping you enhance efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

If your industry is not among the industry pages, please reach out to us because we are sure we can support you with choosing the right solution for your specific challenging industry.

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Improving Efficiency in Mail Collection, Transport and Distribution

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Industries we serve

Our optimization suite offers relevant solutions for various industries with complex logistics

Fuel Distribution

Without full visibility into your operations, you can only make educated guesses about what you need to do. Of course, experience will guide you, but it’s still no replacement for actually knowing what’s happening, as it happens, why it’s happening and what actions you need to take.


Livestock planner is no ordinary distribution and transport system. Delivering a live cargo adds all sorts of extra logistical dimensions far beyond just getting the trucks on the road.

Building Materials

Clearly, the building-materials industry has to come to grips with these global events. The more urgent need is recovery from the upheaval to our life and work styles. There’s still profit to be made, but who gets what, if anything, will depend on how well you optimise your operations and implement economies of scale.

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The cloud isn’t just vital for your business continuity, it is more sustainable too

The Cloud has helped many recycling and waste management businesses ride out the Covid storm by enabling remote working during the pandemic. These companies could continue to provide their services to municipal and commercial customers because customer service representatives, planners, and other office members were able to work from home.


How to make your fuel deliveries cost effective

Your margins leave no room for error or inefficiencies. Product availability is always fluctuating. You have to deal with laid-in costs and prices at fuel depots. High oil prices and other factors can lead to demand contraction.


Transporting livestock for breeding: complying with health regulations

Transporting animals for breeding from farm to farm, minimizing the time they spend on trucks, involves intricate moves to ensure their health and wellbeing. First, you have a short window for collection and delivery.

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Software for the Waste and Recycling Industry

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Route Planner

For day-to-day planning, master routes and what-if scenarios.

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Fleet Planner

For real-time route planning, transportation optimisation and dispatching

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