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Expert software solutions for the waste, recycling, transportation, and utilities industries.

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Scalable solutions to drive growth and sustainability

Our environmental software solutions deliver customer-centric improvements across multiple industries. Helping to simplify daily waste & recycling operations, streamline transportation tasks, and ensure regulatory compliance.

With innovative tools to drive efficiency across your business, you are empowered to achieve strong margins and greater sustainability in a changing world.

Waste Industries

Construction & Demolition

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Construction & Demolition activities, waste collection services, managing transfer stations, recycling activities, landfills and support material trading.

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Portable Sanitation

AMCS portable toilet software is an industry-specific solution designed to meet the ever-changing business needs of the portable toilet management industry.

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Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Gain visibility and control on the key metrics that drive the profitability of your routes.

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Municipal Waste

AMCS offers a complete municipal waste management system solution including collections, route planning & customer support. Request a demo to learn more.

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Waste Brokerage

AMCS waste brokerage software improve visibility, increase control, and boost trading margins for waste brokers.

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Recycling Industries

Metal Recycling

AMCS metal recycling software support companies regain control of their recycling business by simplifying the complex through digitalization.

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Paper Recycling

AMCS’ paper recycling software provides enhanced operational visibility, improved efficiency, and greater agility. Request a demo today.

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AMCS recycling software is a complete solution that covers inbound management, material grading and trading.

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Plastic Recycling

AMCS plastic recycling software helps businesses improving quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive sustainability.

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Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) Software

AMCS Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) software improve visibility, increase efficiency, and drive sustainability in the circular economy.

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Complex Logistics Industries

Home Delivery

Intelligent transportation management designed to streamline logistics and simplify last mile delivery.

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Other Transport Industries

Route optimization solutions for efficient operations across a variety of industries that are facing complex logistic challenges

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Effective planning and route optimization for efficient transportation of livestock, fodder, grain and timber. Designed to increase profits, improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

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Effective transport software for the postal industry. Helping to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions, as well as boost operational efficiency.

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Digital transport software solutions designed to streamline retail logistics and simplify delivery operations.

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Building Materials

Innovative transport management solutions for a range of building materials delivering increased profitability, reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability initiatives.

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Fuel Distribution

Industry-specific solutions for efficient fuel delivery, designed to improve sustainability and visibility, reduce carbon emissions, and boost profitability.

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Utilities Industries


Superior end-to-end, integrated solutions designed specifically for the utilities industry.

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