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AMCS Transport Management System

Designed to fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of your transport operations

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AMCS Transport Management System Overview Customer Benefits

A new world of Transport Logistics is emerging rapidly - seize the opportunities

Transport logistics are central to the successful operation of each waste and recycling business, representing a significant portion of overall costs as well as having an enterprise-wide impact on key business metrics such as health and safety, customer service, sustainability, and profitability. 

Exponential technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, 5G as well as new environmental regulations designed to decarbonize transport are creating both opportunities and challenges for our industry in equal measure.

This evolving landscape calls for a new generation solution to integrate, automate and optimize your transport operations – the AMCS Transport Management System.

The AMCS Transport Management is an integral part of the AMCS Platform solution, thus providing an integrated solution for transport as well as leveraging the full rich functionality of the Platform including our Enterprise Management, Vehicle Technology, Mobile Workforce and Intelligent Optimization solutions.

AMCS Transport Management System for the Waste and Recycling Industry

Our Transport Management System was designed for the specific challenges and requirements of the waste and recycling industry. 

It offers highly automated and integrated functionality to manage every aspect of transport including planning, rostering, dispatch, live tracking, route optimization and driver mobile application.

It includes an intuitive and modern user interface to facilitate ease and speed of planning. It exploits best-in-class technology such as embedded maps as well as a distance calculation component to arrive at feasible routes and accurate service times for each stop.

It delivers enhanced productivity through increased automated planning, the optimization of the use of assets (vehicles, containers, etc.) and resources, improved operational control and visibility for both planning and during service execution, improved driver safety as well as delivering superior customer service.

Adding value through automation

AMCS Transport Management simplifies complex logistics in the waste and recycling industry, providing digital solutions to integrate, automate, and optimize your transport operations.

Our intuitive, end-to-end software helps you manage all aspects of transport implementation from planning, rostering, and dispatch, to live tracking, route optimization, and driver management.

Delivering purpose-built solutions to:




With our comprehensive transport system, waste and recycling operators are equipped to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Helping them embrace new opportunities and innovative technologies as they decarbonize transport and transition to a circular economy.

A Smart Transport Solution

AMCS Transport Management is an integral part of AMCS Platform, our cloud-based, end-to-end solution for waste and recycling operators.

With seamless access to ERP data, fleet operators are empowered to plan, execute, monitor, optimize, and analyze operations for improved performance.

Helping you increase visibility and maximize control to:

  • Enhance fleet and driver productivity
  • Deliver on time customer service
  • Ensure the highest safety levels
  • Minimize costs

Let us show you what AMCS Transport Management System can do for you!

Learn how the TMS solution will fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of your transport operations

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AMCS Transport Management System Brochure

Learn how AMCS Transport Management helps you optimize the planning and execution of your transport operations.

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Customer Benefits

Integrated Resource Management

Easily resolve scheduling issues and plan around resource shortages ahead of time.

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Integrated Resource Management

View daily, weekly, or monthly plans to identify scheduling issues or constraints with ease.

The AMCS transport system helps you manage resource shortages with easy access to future availability data on all staff and vehicles. Our rostering module can even interface with your existing vehicle and staff resource systems.

Helping you accommodate pre-arranged absences and maintenance schedules effectively to ensure optimum staffing levels and truck availability.

Automated Planning

Simplify planning with an integrated map view including route distance and duration.

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Automated Planning

Review and edit each route using a list view and map presentation to drag and drop stops or make planning adjustments before release to AMCS Mobile.

Integrated distance calculation provides an accurate timeline to ensure that routes are feasible.

Embedded mapping software also ensures planned routes accommodate vehicle attributes such as length, weight, height, and width. Helping you optimize productivity and simplify planning.

Route Optimization

Improve route efficiency with one-click optimization to cut costs, reduce mileage and minimize drive time.

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Route Optimization

AMCS embedded route optimization tools simplify planning for both commercial round and roll-off services, helping you tackle the daily task of route sequencing in seconds.

One-click optimization can be run both before and during route execution to sequence multiple stops while also allowing for constraints such as site access times.

With advanced optimization algorithms, planners can maximize route efficiency to achieve cost savings, reduced mileage, and effective use of driver time.

Live Execution

Track route execution and make changes in real-time for accurate, responsive service delivery.

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Live Execution

Respond to unforeseen events such as delays or breakdowns by tracking route execution in real-time and adjusting routes on the fly.

Once finalized routes are sent to the drivers’ in-cab mobile device, dispatchers can monitor progress, assign new orders, and even carry out subsequent optimization.

With live route optimization, you can safely update the route to accommodate emergency changes without impacting productivity.

Driver Mobile Application

Boost driver productivity with instant access to schedule updates and customer information.

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Driver Mobile Application

In-cab solutions simplify service delivery for your field-based team.

Our mobile order management application displays finalized routes, digital schedule updates and real-time addition of ad hoc orders with intelligent turn-by-turn navigation to make life easier for drivers.

Full integration with our transport management system also ensures AMCS Mobile delivers proof of service and additional revenue capture. Giving drivers access to the customer information they need to deliver great service on every route.

Business Intelligence

Describe, predict, and improve performance with unparalleled access to a wealth of transport data.

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Business Intelligence

Our KPI dashboards on driver and route performance ensure your planners have instant access to key data.

With business intelligence at your fingertips, you can convert the rich data generated by our transport management system into actionable insights to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Effective contamination management

AMCS Automated Contamination Management offers a smarter way to detect and prevent waste contamination.

Helping you identify contamination at the point of collection to engage with waste producers and improve recycling efficiency.

With AMCS AI technology, you are equipped to:

  • Record bin contents
  • Measure contamination
  • Engage with waste producers
  • Improve recycling efficiency



The route forward for resource and waste logistics

Exponential technologies combined with the rise of the circular economy mean that legacy transport automation solutions will struggle to exploit the opportunities that will unfold.


AMCS Telematics brochure

Designed to capture rich tracking and telematics data, such as driver behavior, engine performance, and fuel consumption from all your vehicles.


AMCS Automated Contamination Management Brochure

The automated and smarter way to detect and prevent contamination and specifically built for the recycling industry.

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Let us show you what AMCS Transport Management System can do for you!

Learn how the TMS solution will fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of your transport operations

Request a demo

Contact AMCS to discover how our leading solution can help your business grow and thrive.

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