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Trux Weigh-IT

Trux Weigh-IT for landfills, Transferstations, and MRF's

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Trux Weigh-IT

Designed specifically for Landfills, Transfer Stations, and Recycling Facilities, Weigh-IT is a fully scalable ticketing, billing and accounts receivable application. TRUX 7 Weigh-IT combines robust functionality, reliable performance and ease of use for today’s Facility Managers.

Weigh-IT’s Key Features include:

  • Simplified Ticket Entry
  • Auditing Trails
  • Daily Maximum Warnings and Limits
  • Dynamic Credit Checking
  • Flexible Contract Pricing
  • Surcharge Capabilities
  • and many more…
Weigh-IT’s industry specific workflow and flexible pricing system were designed to compliment it’s optimized ticket entry. Request a free demo today.

Benefits of Trux Scale Management Software & Landfill Software

  • Daily process flow designed to smooth month end procedures.
  • Streamlined ticket entry process.
  • Gate rate and contract pricing with effective dates allow for easy management of pricing models.
  • Intuitive, fast search assures instant retrieval regardless of customer count or data base size.
  • Navigation is intuitive for waste industry employees.
  • Multi-dimensional code tables result in fewer codes providing superior reporting.

Empower Your People to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

  • Scale operators, Facility Managers, Accounting Personnel and Sales Representatives all have important roles in providing the high quality of service key to attracting and keeping customers.
  • One of the keys to providing quality service is accurate and timely information. TRUX Weigh-IT consistently provides the operational data your people need deliver exceptional service.
  • TRUX Weigh-IT was designed by industry experts and is constantly evolving to provide your people with the best tools to perform their jobs to that end.

Make Stronger Business Decisions Because Of Better Visibility Into Your Business

How are you going to improve your profitability and your efficiency? You need powerful data insights to find the profit and efficiency holes in your business.

Tonnage, Volume, Loads per Day, Loads per Hour, Average Weight Per Ticket, Average Volume per ticket, Customer Trending, Material Trending are just some of the metrics TRUX Weigh-IT provides as a by product of day to day operations and billing.

Maximize Revenue with an industry-specific billing system that eliminates revenue leaks.

  • Tickets are audited from start to finish.
  • Tickets cannot be deleted or voided without an audit trail.
  • Precise Day end Detailed and Summary reporting for accurate auditing of all transactions.
  • Commodity rebates based upon formulas tied to market indexes.
  • Optional generation of surcharges for fuel or environmental fees.
  • Pre-billing enables preview of billing results ensuring transactional accuracy.
  • Reverse an invoice or an entire billing to its pre-billing state.
  • Map detailed revenue and payment transactions to appropriate G/L accounts.

Help Your Customers To Help Themselves

TRUX Web Portal & Web Services reduces burden on customer service reps by extending selected and secure self-service TRUX functionality to your customers.

Substantiate The Value Of Your Business with meaningful financial and operational reporting.

Customers who have sold their business have told us the sale transaction was quicker and results more positive because the TRUX system facilitated the due diligence process.

Multiple TRUX customers who sold their business have returned to the industry and selected TRUX without hesitation.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

  • TRUX is comprehensive, eliminating need for other software to fill gaps.
  • You company is not too small for TRUX. Nor will it outgrow TRUX.
  • Some early stage companies select a lower cost provider only to realize a higher cost of ownership as they outgrow the system and incur data migration costs and business interruption in order to upgrade.

Industry Leading Time To Productivity

  • We are really competent at migrating competitive system data to TRUX.
  • We take pride in implementing quickly and with minimal disruption.
  • TRUX will be up and running in less time and with less stress than you imagined.
  • When you have a problem or simply need some guidance, a live member of our support team will pick up the phone.
  • Even our competitors acknowledge that TRUX support is exceptional.


Tel: 1-800-962-9264
Fax: (519) 621-3025

Sales Inquiries: 1-800-962-9264 x2

Support Inquiries: 1-800-962-9264 x3

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account_management Account Management

Industry Specific Data Structure

Real life account management database structure.

Gate Rate & Customer Specific Pricing

Ensures consistently accurate service and pricing management.

Surcharge Configuration

Enables rules based automation of surcharge and environmental fee calculations (percentage, flat rate per unit or per ticket).

Contract Management

Identify Contracts due for renewal based on date for volume of material received or shipped.

Attach Files to Customer Account

Electronic document or image filing to customer records for easy access.

Contact Management

Store contact information for multiple client contacts with specified communication preferences.

Effective Date Pricing – Global Price Increase

Gate Rate, Customer or Market Based pricing managed by effective dates enable customer specific or global price changes.

Customer Issue Tracking

Document all interaction with clients. Follow through on action items by assigning the ticket for resolution.

TRUX-WeighIt-Icon-TicketEntry Operations Ticket Entry

Ticket Processing

Fast efficient ticket entry process for handling inbound and outbound transactions. Set required fields to ensure capture of key data points.

Split Loads

Process multiple materials per ticket for split commodity loads. Enter split loads by material or original percentage for accurate reporting.


Configure alerts based on customer, material, contract or facility constraints to ensure compliance.

Payment Management

Manage cash transactions including prepaid deposits at the scale. Track payment processing by terminal and scale operator.


Security profiles enable system administers to control workflow process, audit changes and identify tickets not processed.

Tare Weights

Prompt for re-tare of vehicle based on number of days or loads.

Hardware Center

Enables interaction with peripheral devices: stationary scales, cash drawers, signature pads, gates and cameras.

Unattended Integration

Integration with various makes of unattended terminals.

billing_ar_management Billing AR Management

Comprehensive Billing System

Invoice customers by attributes or contracts. Easy controlled reversal of individual invoices or an entire batch.

Ticket Validation

Validate and update tickets based on market rates or pricing changes subsequent to ticket creation.

Unbilled Revenue

Optional pre-billing enables detection of errors or omissions prior to committing.

Rebates/Formula Based Pricing

Rebate customers for commodities based on formulas tied to Market Based Indexes.

Email Invoices & Scale Tickets

Electronic delivery of invoices and scale tickets is faster and less costly.

Web Portal

Enable customers to access their account and make payments on-line.

Credit Card & ACH Processing

Automation of payment processing via Credit Card or ACH.

Lock Box

Automatically receive payment from Lock Box.

Collection Letters

Collection notification process is automated.

General Ledger Interface

Enables mapping of user defined revenue type reporting to appropriate G/L account.

Quickbooks Interface

Automates month end journal entry postings for QuickBooks G/L users.

Hard Close

Data booked to the General Ledger cannot be changed or modified in the sub ledger.

analytics_and_reporting Analytics & Reporting

Report Center

Comprised of multiple categories of well formatted reports offering user selection and sorting options.


Analysis of logging provides visibility into chronology of data entry and audit of historical transactions.


Graphical representation of activity and trending analysis.


Multiple informative activity based reports with options for material, customer, contract, vehicle, trailer and ticket status.


Volume and tonnage management. Freight costing.


Auditable financials, mapped G/L entries, A/R & revenue analysis, customer ranking & profitability reports.


Selective current and historical LEED audits as byproduct of daily operational entry.

Ad Hoc

Crystal for unique sophisticated reports or Query Designer for non technical.

TRUX report writing

Let TRUX fulfill your company specific reporting requirements.

security_data_management Security Data Management

Security Profiles

Provide management complete control over what TRUX functionality is available to any user.

Data Structure Designed for Optimal Performance

Designed to provide the fastest retrieval and updating of data.

Database Management

Provides tools to query, manage and schedule back ups of the database.

Logging of Field Changes & Transactions

Provides visibility and audit trails of transactional history.

SQL Relational Database, .Net Framework

Assurance the TRUX application is kept current with Microsoft business environments.

integration Integration

TRUX Haul-IT & Weigh-IT Integration

Inter-company Weigh-IT disposal tickets are electronically transferred to Haul-IT eliminating the need for staff intervention. Errors are eliminated and associated costs lowered.

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