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Portable Sanitation

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Optimising processes and logistics

AMCS has designed an industry-specific technology solution to meet the ever-changing business needs of the portable toilet management industry. With the AMCS Portable Toilet solution, you can quickly and easily manage all business-critical processes, streamline your operations, dramatically increase billing efficiency and drive profitability and productivity across your organisation.

Major Benefits

  • Increase financial control
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Increase operational & fleet profitability through optimisation
  • Increase sales team effectiveness
  • Dramatically improve billing efficiency


  • Automatic pro-rations, easy 28-day & anniversary billing cycles
  • Scalable, 360-degree visibility into your portable toilet business operations
  • Integrated customer portal for comprehensive account management
  • Mobile solutions for real-time route and service information, including driver & customer signatures as well as image capture

Mr. John

Gary Weiner, Former President: ”Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. In order to support this vision, we have invested heavily in our people, equipment and technology to continue my father’s legacy. The AMCS software is great for crawl, walk and run. We are running pretty hard right now after 15 years and we see all kinds of opportunities to do it better and to continue to stay innovative.”

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AMCS Portable Sanitation

The AMCS Portable Toilet Solution is an industry-specific solution designed to meet the unique requirements of your portable toilet business

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Success Stories

Russell Reid and Mr. John

Annual savings


# Employees


Russell Reid, is a non-hazardous liquid and solid waste company. They run a large fleet of vacuum straight trucks, vacuum tractor trailers, roll-off trucks/containers, vacuum containers and supply a wide range of environment services to environmental concerns,

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Municipality Groningen


Satisfied drivers


With over 200 trucks, 40 Ravo sweepers and 20 tractors, Municipality Groningen employs almost 700 trustworthy workers in the midst of the Groningen community. Richard Bakker, Groningen Operations: “IT plays a key role at Municipality Groningen. It is impossible to imagine working without the various software applications from the AMCS platform. For more than 20 years, we have been loyal users of their software and we know how to get the best out of it. It has brought us many benefits. It is something you no longer consciously think about as it has become a normal part of the job.

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Collections per route


Stars in reviews

AES is a leading provider of waste management and recycling services in Ireland. The collection routes used to be planned by the drivers, resulting in inefficient routes, missed bins, and dissatisfied customers. AES decided to buy AMCS' Route Planner. Transport optimisation is performed with Route Planner, resulting in spectacular cost savings and highly improved customer service.

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360-degree visibility into your Portable sanitation business operations

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