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Software solutions for Home Delivery companies

A cloud-based ERP solution to boost efficiency and enhance customer service in the growing home delivery sector.

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Digitize for dynamic deliveries

AMCS cloud-based software delivers scalable solutions, purpose-built to optimize processes and reduce complexity in the burgeoning home delivery market.

Our planning solutions solve complex distribution challenges, providing complete visibility and increased control through:

  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Improved day-to-day planning
  • Efficient time-slotting
  • Effective load planning

Helping home delivery operators to reduce costs, improve service delivery and tackle growing consumer demand for convenience.

Tailored solutions to maximize efficiency

Intelligent AMCS software solutions helps companies improve transport efficiency.

Our automated route and fleet planning software can be configured to meet individual needs, optimizing all types of transportation in the home delivery industry to maximize efficiency.

From day-to-day optimization through to master route planning, our innovative in-vehicle technologies and best-in-class SaaS solutions help retail delivery operators excel.

Providing dynamic route adjustment and tailored planning to tackle escalating fuel costs and improve customer service.

Improved route planning

AMCS Route Planner provides a powerful optimization engine for those delivering goods to the same customers on a regular basis or for batched deliveries, helping them to:

  • Plan and optimize master routes
  • Easily insert orders into existing master routes
  • Simplify daily batch-based route planning
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Intelligent fleet planning

AMCS Fleet Planner supports dynamic and real-time optimization for those fulfilling ad hoc orders, often at short notice, helping users to:

  • Improve both batch and incremental planning
  • Re-optimize routes in real-time
  • Simplify time slotting and pricing for ad hoc orders
  • Easily co-ordinate installation services alongside delivery
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Improving margins on every route

Our single-platform solution simplifies transportation, helping companies in the home delivery industry to increase efficiency and boost agility.

Combining innovative technologies with best-in-class planning, AMCS Platform delivers intelligent optimization to:

  • Simplify fleet management
  • Optimize pricing and route densities
  • Refine scheduled services

Creating efficient yet reliable supply chains that not only support a sustainable future, but also improve your margins from day one.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Let AMCS show you how to optimize your operations to increase profits, improve for efficiency and grow your business

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Fleet Planner Brochure

Download the Fleet Planner brochure to find out how route optimization can reduce mileage, minimize drive time and cut CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

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Optimization for a sustainable future

Manage, plan, and optimize all aspects of transportation with AMCS Platform.

Our enterprise-grade software delivers the tools required to maximize your profitability and reduce your environmental impact. Boosting both sustainability and customer service levels in the demanding home delivery industry.

Where transport represent a high percentage of overall costs, AMCS intelligent optimization can help:

  • Reduce planning time
  • Reduce the number of trucks on the road
  • Reduce mileage, drive time and CO2 emissions by up to 25%

Helping home delivery operators to optimize on transport for improved margins, lower fuel costs and increased sustainability.

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Success Stories

Aalborg Portland

Reduction in number of planners by


Aalborg Portland has reduced the number of planners by 75% with AMCS Route Optimization.

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Reduced average mileage per delivery


Increased utilisation per vehicle

Lemvigh-Müller is the largest wholesaler within steel and technical installations in Denmark. Lemvigh-Müller employs 1,200 people and has a turnover of approximately 600 million euros. The company’s two primary business areas are technical installations as well as steel/metal and the product range consists of approximately 300,000 items.

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Reduction in distribution costs


Reduced time spent from order deadline to delivery

Reitan Distribution delivers consumer goods to a wide range of chain stores in Denmark, including 7-Eleven, Rema1000, Q8, and XY. The company is part of the Norwegian Reitangruppen, which is one of the largest retail companies in Scandinavia with 27,500 employees and a 2009 turnover of more than 7.1 billion euros.

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‘Sustainability in Transport’ Whitepaper

Get up to date with our whitepaper ‘Sustainability in Transport: Navigating Emerging trends and Economic and Environmental Benefits of a Sustainable Approach’!

Gain a deep understanding of the major sustainability trends and challenges shaping the landscape of transport in Europe for 2024, along with the benefits, both environmental and economic, of sustainable transport.

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Innovations in the Circular Economy: AI in Resource Management


AMCS Sustainable Transport Toolkit


ESG Europe Summit

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Route Planner Brochure

Download the Route Planner brochure to find out how route optimization can reduce mileage, minimize drive time and cut CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

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‘Sustainability in Transport’ Whitepaper

Navigating emerging trends and economic and environmental benefits of a sustainable approach

Download now