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Improving visibility, and meeting operational challenges head on with AMCS Field Services

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About Uniper

Global energy company, Uniper is one of the largest power generators and distributors of energy in Europe, providing tailor-made energy solutions to customers in more than 40 countries. With a strong portfolio of assets, sites and competencies, Uniper is focused on accelerating the energy transition for a cleaner world.

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Power provider, Uniper, works to simplify many of the complex issues facing energy companies today, but when Uniper was struggling with a large services contract, it needed help to improve visibility in order to reduce costs.



In the initial stages, AMCS Field Services was selected to replace a legacy database solution. Business Process Improvement Manager at Uniper, Matthew Vas was tasked with finding a better way to manage cost reporting and controls for one of the company’s projects, however, like so many initiatives, he had very little time to find a solution.

“I was faced with a tight deadline,” Matthew explained, “to see if we could replace part of our old, obsolete Microsoft Access database for cost controls on the development of our services.

“To say that the system we’ve replaced is mostly manual is an understatement,” commented Matthew. “It was a very slow database and it didn’t really do what we needed. Everyone hated it and it had to be re-compacted every day. We've got a developer on-site who was pulling her hair out just trying to keep it running. So it had to go.”


Teaming up with AMCS Field Services offered the perfect solution with a software platform that’s fully supported and could meet Uniper’s requirements out of the box.



“We’ve now got AMCS Field Services working to its strength aggregating the data for us and use Tableau to visualize it. It’s a slick solution,” commented Matthew Vas.

“Before, we hadn’t really nailed down our process. The reason we went with AMCS Field Services is to have someone that could give us advice and help us, and that knew the system. They’ve been invaluable. Overall, AMCS Field Services is easy to use and easy to set up. What’s more, AMCS understands the utilities industry,” he added.


Thanks to AMCS Field Services, Uniper was able to deploy a comprehensive operations management solution. The speed of rollout, flexibility and control of data ensure Uniper is now fully equipped to support the Enerlytics engineering services platform that it sells to its customers.



With intuitive tools for operations management, AMCS Field Services offers the ideal solution for utility companies, allowing them to automate workflows, track asset health, streamline reporting, and, most importantly, stay compliant.

“Ultimately, AMCS Field Services seemed to complement our capabilities perfectly, supporting the entire process, and enabling us to take control of costs,” explained Matthew Vas.

Uniper’s Services Team Lead, Jaz Nirwan, agreed. “We needed to get a very expensive and inefficient contract under control,” said Jaz. “The flexibility of AMCS Field Services shone through for us, and has allowed us to improve the quality of data we enter, as well as making our contract costs very visible. It has been a contract optimization and management application for us.”

Delivering Rapid Control in a Crisis

During the pandemic, it was essential to keep national critical infrastructure operational, facilitated by regular employee health monitoring. Thanks to AMCS Field Services, Uniper was quickly able to implement a streamlined solution at the UK’s 2,000MW Ratcliffe Power Station. Here, the site required rapid development of an app utilizing QR codes attached to site passes for login. With support from the AMCS team, Uniper was able to develop and deploy the app in just two weeks. As a result, the site was able to continue operation throughout the COVID-19 crisis while keeping staff safe.

Overall, AMCS Field Services is easy to use and easy to set up. What’s more, AMCS understands the utilities industry. That's the selling point—their guys understand the industry. Plus, it’s a web-based, mobile system.

Matthew Vas, Reliability Team Lead

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Discover how European power provider, Uniper, was able to improve visibility, and meet operational challenges head on with AMCS Field Services.

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