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Trux Maintain-IT

Trux Maintain-IT for Fleet Maintenance Software

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TRUX 7 Maintain-IT is designed to help accurately track the maintenance of your vehicle assets with preventive maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, cost analysis, and part tracking tools. Maintain-IT is perfectly suited to compliment your existing hauling or facility operations. In fact, you can seamlessly integrate with our Haul-IT software to provide you with single-source data entry and usage statistics.

Maintain-IT’s Key Features include:

  • Customizable Due Intervals
  • Mechanic Time Management
  • Vendor Tracking
  • Repair Orders
  • Fuel Tracking
  • and many more…
Maintain-IT’s robust set of CMMS tools give you the ability to schedule and control the maintenance of your assets. Request a free demo today.

Benefits of TRUX Asset Tracking Software & Maintenance Software

  • Managing your maintenance department effectively adds to the bottom line allowing for re-investment in equipment and employees to further drive the bottom line.
  • User friendly interface for efficient entry of information.
  • Seamless integration of TRUX Haul-IT operational data ensuring up to date Maintenance Schedules.

Empower Your People to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

TRUX Maintain It is driven by customer input and is constantly evolving to provide your people with the tools necessary to ensure information is entered and managed in a user friendly environment.

Providing service to your customers is dependent on your vehicles being up and running ready to perform that service.

Drivers, Mechanics, Maintenance Support Staff and Management all have a part in ensuring vehicles are operating and on the road ready to provide service to your clients.

One of the keys to providing quality service is accurate, timely information that is available at any time. Maintain It provides the tools that will allow you to enter, review and manage your asset maintenance needs.

Make Stronger Business Decisions Because Of Better Visibility Into Your Business

  • Repairs by date, asset or asset type are available for quick review.
  • Part usage analysis will quickly identify those parts that should be inventoried and others that should not.
  • Back log maintenance for keeping track of future repairs.
  • Remove the guess work from preventative maintenance. Schedules indicate when a vehicle is due for service.
  • Analyse your mechanic productivity to determine if staffing levels are adequate.

Minimize Costs with an industry-specific tracking system that monitors assets.

  • Part warranty and core credits will not slip through the cracks.
  • Based on part minimums, inventory levels are monitored and order recommendations reduce the risk of part shortages.
  • Preventative maintenance schedule tracking make it easy to avoid under or over servicing vehicles.
  • Repair visibility accurately manages vehicle replacements decisions.
  • Awareness of part purchases and their prices assist in negotiating lower purchase prices from vendors.

Help Your Customers To Help Themselves

TRUX Web Portal & Web Services reduces burden on customer service reps by extending selected and secure self-service TRUX functionality to your customers.

Substantiate The Value Of Your Business with meaningful financial and operational reporting.

Customers who have sold their business have told us the sale transaction was quicker and results more positive because the TRUX system facilitated the due diligence process.

Multiple TRUX customers who sold their business have returned to the industry and selected TRUX without hesitation.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

  • TRUX is comprehensive, eliminating need for other software to fill gaps.
  • You company is not too small for TRUX. Nor will it outgrow TRUX.
  • Some early stage companies select a lower cost provider only to realize a higher cost of ownership as they outgrow the system and incur data migration costs and business interruption in order to upgrade.

Industry Leading Time To Productivity

  • We are really competent at migrating competitive system data to TRUX.
  • We take pride in implementing quickly and with minimal disruption.
  • TRUX will be up and running in less time and with less stress than you imagined.
  • When you have a problem or simply need some guidance, a live member of our support team will pick up the phone.
  • Even our competitors acknowledge that TRUX support is exceptional.


Tel: 1-800-962-9264
Fax: (519) 621-3025

Sales Inquiries: 1-800-962-9264 x2

Support Inquiries: 1-800-962-9264 x3

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TRUX-MaintainIT-Icon-PartsManagement Parts Management

Parts Maintenance

Organize, identify and search for parts in inventory. Store images and documents providing a complete record of part history and usage.

Inventory Control

Setting minimum and maximum levels on each part ensures proper inventory levels are maintained reducing downtime due to shortages and reducing costs associated with over ordering.

Order Maintenance

Electronically create and track part purchases. Manage shipments received. Inventory is automatically adjusted during the process.

Vendor Management

Track part purchases by individual vendor. Complete pricing history and management of part warranties and core credits.

TRUX-MaintainIT-Icon-RepairManagement Repair Management

Repair Order Entry

Capture and track parts and labor costs of In House, Road Call and Third Party repairs allowing for a historical costing record of work performed on your fleet.

Document Management

Record and quickly access images or documents associated with any repair order.

Bar Codes/Repair Kits

Ensure quick and accurate data entry on orders by using bar codes to identify parts. Repair Kits allow for streamlined entry on common repair types.

Backlog Maintenance

Manage scheduling of back log items for those non-safety oriented or non urgent items.

TRUX-MaintainIT-Icon-PreventativeMaintenance Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Custom definition of calendar or meter based preventative maintenance schedules (days, engine hours or odometer readings).

PM Linkages, Backlog Management

PM Schedule Linkage provides the ability to link A Service to B Service and manage backlog items that may be outstanding but not urgent.

Notifications and Alerts

Buffer zones identify PMs due soon, giving maintenance staff time to coordinate the assets and resources for service.

PM Center

Management console displaying current PM status for your entire fleet using colour coded status to manage action items.

TRUX-MaintainIT-Icon-Integration Haul IT Integration

Operational Notification

Notifications on Haul-IT route sheet or tablets indicate when vehicles need to be called in for service.

Container/Asset Maintenance

Manage repair costs on all container or compactor units from one data source.

Eliminate Double Entry

Haul-IT Engine Hours and Mileage Entry linked to Maintain-IT PM Tracking eliminate need for duplicate entry in Maintain-IT.

Complete Asset History Across Operating Divisions

Ability to temporarily or permanently transfer assets among operating divisions while making all repair history available to all companies for complete and accurate reporting.

Quickbooks Interface

Automates month end journal entry postings for QuickBooks G/L users.

Hard Close

Data booked to the General Ledger cannot be changed or modified in the sub ledger.

TRUX-MaintainIT-Icon-Reports Reporting

Asset Utilization

Historical asset tracking provides key metrics allowing for informed decision on asset usage and replacement.

Parts Utilization

Proactively manage and control parts inventory and monitor carrying costs of parts inventory.

Productivity Tracking

Track and report on productivity of direct and indirect labor.

Cost Management

Control and monitor unnecessary expenses caused by drivers, assets and/or customers.

security_data_management Security Data Management

Security Profiles

Provide management complete control over what TRUX functionality is available to any user.

Data Structure Designed for Optimal Performance

Designed to provide the fastest retrieval and updating of data.

Database Management

Provides tools to query, manage and schedule back ups of the database.

Logging of Field Changes & Transactions

Provides visibility and audit trails of transactional history.

SQL Relational Database, .Net Framework

Assurance the TRUX application is kept current with Microsoft business environments.

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