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AMCS Platform Summer 2021 Release

July 2021

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Second major release of 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the AMCS Platform Summer 2021 Release, our second major release of the year.

This exciting release delivers on two main themes.

Digital Transformation- Work Smarter with Increased Agility and Resilience

We are accelerating digital transformation by increasing user productivity through advanced user experience and workflows, new mobile solutions as well as enriched self-service eCommerce experiences for your customers.

AMCS Transport Management System – Automation, optimization and sustainability

We are delivering enhanced automation and optimization of your transport operations as well as adding a new Telematics service to capture rich telematics data to provide transport planners with actionable insights into their operations.

Animation of the AMCS Transport Management System

Our Transport Management System (TMS) was designed for the specific challenges and requirements of the waste and recycling industry. TMS offers highly automated and integrated functionality to manage every aspect of transport including planning, rostering, dispatch, live tracking, route optimization and driver mobile application.

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AMCS Platform Summer Release Highlights

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AMCS Platform Summer 21 Release highlights

New User and Customer Experience

Boost staff productivity and increase your customer service
New User and Customer Experience

This Summer Release sees the full realization of the new Platform user experience across the Customer Care module to provide a user experience designed around the daily needs and tasks of a customer service representative. The result is an intuitive and dynamic user experience designed for ease of use and adoption as well as to maximize productivity by providing quick access to the most important critical and frequently used functionality such as onboarding a new customer, resolving a service issue, taking a new order and payment etc.

Screen: Rapid Recovery of a Missed Collection

Our strategy of providing AMCS Platform users with the maximum configurability of customer pricing combined with powerful management tools to ease the burden of price administration (set-up, reviews, and changes) continues in this Summer Release.

Our new Pricing Hierarchy simplifies the administration of pricing structures to eliminate the overhead associated with complex multi-tiered pricing structures. Waste operators can operate a pricing policy based on using one standard price list (List price) across the entire customer base while managing negotiated customer prices at customer level.

This will reduce the overhead of complex price structure maintenance and avoid any delays associated with agreeing prices with customers on unpriced services which often lead to billing delays.

Easy to Order and Pay Portal Experience

Grow your online sales by offering a superior ecommerce experience
Easy to Order and Pay Portal Experience

For users of the AMCS Customer Portal, we are now offering a new ecommerce shopping experience by providing an Easy to Order – Easy to Pay experience with a shopping cart to allow them buy multiple services in a single order and to pay with a single click.

The new shopping cart also includes recommendations for related products and improved support for Google AdWords landing pages.

The AMCS Portal now comes with a new user interface theme called ‘Pacific’. This theme is a fresher and more modern design helping to create an exceptional user experience.

Screen: Modern eCommerce Shopping Cart experience

The Customer Portal now supports ACH payments for the US Market.

In addition, new functionality allows the operator to limit the number of orders that can be accepted each day to reflect the available capacity, thus avoiding any customer disappointment due to over commitments.

Request to Pay

Request to Pay Link on Customer Communications – Collect payments faster, safer and easier.
Request to Pay

For AMCS Pay users, we are introducing a new Request to Pay link on customer correspondence such as invoices, dunning letters and reminders which will allow customers to click on the link which will then direct them to the portal where they can make a payment using their payment card or ACH service.

These Request to Pay links can be embedded in customer communications such as invoices, reminders, and notifications.

In addition, a customer service representative taking payment for an order over the phone can initiate a Request to Pay notification to the customer who can click on the link and pay on the portal. For payment cards, this can be very beneficial for the waste operator as it can reduce bank processing charges and reduces their risk of exposure to fraud as the cardholder details are not shared with the customer service representative.

This type of easy and proactive payment request is preferred by many customers for its ease of use and convenience. It is proven to improve the likelihood of early payment thus accelerating the order to cash cycle, thus reducing arrears and improving cash flow.

Mobile Yard Management Solution

Gain full visibility and control of your yard operations
Mobile Yard Management Solution

With our new AMCS Mobile Yard Management solution, it is now possible to empower your yard staff with a powerful and intuitive solution to perform their daily tasks with the maximum of ease and to ensure consistent application of your process workflow and the constant flow of real-time data into AMCS Platform.

It automates common yard tasks such as inbound material inspection, load breakdown and grading, however, it also extends to yard tasks such as cycle counting, outbound load management, intra yard movements etc.

The solution makes it easy for yard personnel to select and grade inbound and outbound jobs efficiently while ensuring process consistency.

Yard personnel can verify on the spot that materials received are as expected and record any variance, change the price as well as take pictures and add comments so that the approval process before invoicing customers is integrated and efficient.

Yard staff can apply weight /cost deductions due to excessive moisture content or for containers, as well as record any contaminations observed in a load with a view to either seek a reduction on price or initiate discussions with suppliers on the quality of materials received.

Transport Management System

Fully Automate Commercial and Roll Off planning and Optimize your daily routes with a single mouse click
Transport Management System

This new release will extend the automated planning and monitoring tools to support single trip skip and roll-off services. It also provides one-click sequence optimization services to improve the efficiency of all-round work.

The rich functionality and automation of our Transport Management System, such as integrated resource management, automated planning tools (e.g. digital HGV compliant maps, distance/time calculators etc.) and live monitoring will greatly assist the transport planner for one trip work which requires maximum agility.

For example, our Timeline View provides planners with a forecast of the estimated time that the vehicle will take to visit the planned-on route customer sites as well as both own- and third-party disposal sites. This line of sight of expected times allows more accurate and informed planning decisions which leads to more realistic plans with better service outcomes. This Timeline view can also be used to monitor the real-time progress of the vehicle on the route.

Our single click sequence optimization feature can perform a daily planning optimization task accurately in seconds which would previously take several minutes for an experienced planner to do manually.

Each day a planner must insert new orders into a daily commercial round (e.g., callouts, missed collection recovery, extra orders etc.) and it takes time to insert them accurately in the correct route order sequence given constraints such as customer site access time windows (e.g., access only between 8AM and 10AM).

Screen: Single Click Route Optimization

This type of rapid optimization saves planning time, and its consistent accuracy can deliver better service outcomes and reduced transport costs, especially when executed over multiple routes.

AMCS Telematics Solution

Reduce your fuel spend, improve driver safety and maximize productivity
AMCS Telematics Solution

AMCS Telematics is designed to capture rich tracking and telematics data (e.g., driving behaviour, engine performance, fuel usage) from all of your vehicles and combine it with the route details so that the planner has full control and visibility over the transport operations.

Screen: Monitoring of Fleet Fuel Usage KPIs

The new AMCS Telematics solution can be implemented as a module of our Transport Management System or alternatively as point solution which can provide data to a third-party system.

It consists of an onboard tracking and telematics device which sends rich data to our AMCS Platform for real-time monitoring and reporting purposes.

AMCS Platform provides a web-based portal that allows you to view the overall performance metrics of your fleet as well as an ability to review past performance and to generate alerts based on events (e.g., speeding, hard driving etc.) and geofences.

The new AMCS Telematics solution is proven to reduce fuel bills by 10% through monitoring fuel inefficient driving behavior, ensuring drivers follow prescribed routes and ensuring optimal engine performance. It increases driver safety by monitoring all hard driving behavior such as harsh acceleration, braking, speeding, and cornering.

This rich telematic data can be consolidated with the transport data within the Transport Management System to provide a single view to the planner to maximize visibility and control.

Summer launch animation

The AMCS Platform Summer 2021 Release accelerates the digital transformation of both waste companies and their customers with self-serve experiences. In addition, the release enhances automation of the AMCS Transport Management System.



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